Rorcal to present their new album Muladona at Roadburn 2020

Rorcal are one of those bands that have been around for quite a while, one of the still-standing survivors of the amazing Swiss scene that helped create and set on fire the whole post metal scene in the first decade of this century, and are on most Roadburners‘ radar for their sheer heaviness and force-of-nature approach to both their records and their live shows. And yet… they have never played the festival before. That’s right, we checked!

But now, finally, the planets have aligned, and Rorcal will bring their pitch black brand of sludgy, high impact post doom/metal/everything to our stage. Better yet, they will come bearing gifts, in the form of their brand new album, Muladona, which will be presented at Roadburn. It has a hefty legacy to follow, in the form of massive tomes such as Világvége or Κρέων / Creon, just to mention the most recent, which have blown us away with their scope and sheer devastating weight.

We’re looking forward to see how Muladona further enriches Rorcal‘s catalogue, and the band are excited to show us why too: “There are many reasons why this new album is important to us.. Not only as a band but as individuals. We shared many difficulties during the writing of this album as much as many beautiful new experiences. The release of Muladona marks an important moment in the history of the band and presenting it at Roadburn is one of the greatest honours we could wish for.”

Rorcal will present their new album Muladona at Roadburn 2020 on Saturday, 18 April.

José Carlos Santos / September 2019

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA