Royal Thunder performing Rebuilding The Mountain in full plus a career spanning set titled TIME + SPACE + REVIVAL

ROYAL THUNDER’s latest album, Rebuilding The Mountain, shot straight to the top of Roadburn’s artistic director Walter’s most listened to albums of the year soon after release. This emotion-drenched opus is a tale of recovery and redemption and sees Royal Thunder at their most sonically sublime. From our perspective it was a no-brainer to invite them to Roadburn to perform the album in full… and since they’re coming all that way just for us, we thought that adding a second set so they could really showcase the full 360 degrees of their immense talent made sense. We hope you’ll agree!

The idea for bringing Royal Thunder began to percolate after hearing the first single from Rebuilding The Mountain at the end of last year. The Knife showed that we were dealing with a version of Royal Thunder with a new-found lust for life; the unflinching lyrics serving as a wake up call from vocalist/bassist Mlny Parsonz to herself whilst in the grip of a downward spiral. The rest of the album matches up to this early expression of vim; Rebuilding The Mountain is a leaner, more confident Royal Thunder than we’ve seen for years.

It feels like another lifetime when Royal Thunder last graced the Roadburn stage – way back in 2013. But this is a band resolute and determined to not only stand the test of time, but to face head on any and all obstacles thrown in their path. So, alongside a very special performance of Rebuilding The Mountain (including a special guest turn from Imperial Triumphant’s Steve Blanco), they will also be delving back into their older releases to put together a very special set list for their second performance. 

Of their upcoming shows, the band told us:
“We are so very honored to be asked to be a part of Roadburn Festival 2024! It’s hard to think of another festival that is so thoughtfully curated with such a diverse lineup of artists and musicians in such an intimate setting. It truly feels magical being there in the beautiful city of Tilburg with such great music and people! A very special thanks to Walter, Becky, and all of the Roadburn festival team for inviting Royal Thunder to be a part of it once again!”

We view this as something of a homecoming for Royal Thunder – a band back on top of their game, back where they belong with us at Roadburn. Come together and help us extend the warmest of welcomes to Royal Thunder this coming April. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18 | April 19

Time: 22:20 - 23:30 | 23:10 - 00:10

Stage: Next Stage | Main Stage