RRRags to emulate the sounds and styles of the heavy 70s at Roadburn 2018

Formed by singer / drummer Rob Martin (formerly of Bliksem), guitarist Ron Van Herpen (Astrosoniq, ex-The Devil’s Blood) and Rob Zim (bass, Lords of Altamont), RRRags emulates the sounds and styles of power trio’s such as Grand Funk, Blue Cheer and James Gang. But in addition to their fuzzed-out and soulful approach, there are also touches of psychedelica and psyfunk, which sets the band apart from the current crop of Sabbath worshipers, or old school hardrock devotees.

What really ties RRRAGS together is the strength of the band’s musicianship; vintage in their approach but not necessarily retro, RRRAGS hit the studio with Astrosoniq’s Marcel Van De Vondervoort (the band’s unofficial fourth member) to record their debut album after four rehearsals since the three of them started to jam in late September 2017. Being talented improvisers, it’s also RRRAGS full-fleged sense of melody and powerful and mature songwriting that makes them one of the bands to watch for Roadburn 2018, and by the time of their performance on Saturday 21 April at Hall of Fame, the band’s debut should be out on vinyl, too!

Date: April 21

Time: 19.20

Stage: Hall of Fame

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