Metal In The Workplace: How To Make It A Uniting (Work)force

We will dive into topics like “Can metal be an inclusion mechanism in the workspace or is it rather an exclusion mechanism?”, “How can you learn from our panel members to use the uniting power of metal on the job?”, “Is there a way to identify if musical preference has a positive outcome on work and career, or even finding the right job?” etc.
Panel members are:
Ferry Koster – Professor at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and played in various hardcorebands
Daan de Neef – Daan is active in Dutch politics for the Party of the Animals and a Roadburner pur sang
Rosalinde van Ruth – Clinical psychologist for whom metal has been an essential part in forming her own identity
David Brinks – David has been a freelance copywriter for 23 years and wears band shirts every dayHost: Richard Theuws, Founder Metal Business Club

Date: April 20

Time: 4.30PM