Slægt added to Tomas Lindberg's curated The Burning Darkness

When we picked Tomas Lindberg as our 2019 curator, we already knew that he had an impressive and eclectic taste in music. We expected all sorts of psychedelic and envelope-pushing artists – and he has delivered in spades. As the frontman for At The Gates, we know Tomas is something of an extreme metal connoisseur too. He’s flexing that muscle with his latest addition to the line up, which comes in the shape of Slægt.

Tomas explains:

“When I think of heavy metal, there is a certain feeling I am after. A special haunting, emotional impact that I’m seeking. Nowadays, with a total over-saturation of new bands, I will always be super excited when I get that same feeling that was there when I first got into underground metal. Slægt is one of those rare examples.”

“Saying this, I don’t mean that they are a retro style act in any sense. They are constantly pushing forward, exploring new ways to develop their own style of blackened heavy metal. Fans of Dissection, Morbus Chron and Tribulation won’t be disappointed. I was overwhelmed when I got my hands on their latest offering and I keep coming back to it. I look forward to share those special emotions with the Roadburn fanatics. I think what ALL underground, “true” art is about is about an honest expression and this is something that Slægt has a lot of. To them black metal is not a pose; be ready for some serious realness.”

Date: April 11

Time: 19.20-20.10

Stage: Het Patronaat