Welcome SLIFT as Artists in Residence for Roadburn 2022!

Today we’re proud to announce that SLIFT will perform three sets as our Artist in Residence for Roadburn Festival 2022. They join our already-announced Artist in Residence, Full of Hell, for the upcoming edition of the festival – each band gifting us unique insight into their creativity, each in their very different ways.

SLIFT’s Ummon rode into 2020 like an interdimensional bullettrain and has helped inspire a boogie psych revolution taking shape largely in its wake. Much hyperbole has been tossed around about the album’s hypnotic effect on the audience, but that’s just the start of it. The French trio’s energy is so infectious, their reach so broad, that we just knew we had to have them at Roadburn for something special.

The band will play three sets over three days. First, Ummon will be served up in a special set that centres on the groundbreaking album. Second, a set of never-before-played material dubbed Into the Unknown, – the contents of which will remain a mystery for now –  and third, a collaboration with celebrated synth/saxophonist Etienne Jaumet (Zombie Zombie) on a brand new piece.

They explain: “We’re proud to announce that we’ll be part of Roadburn 2022 as Artists in Residence. This iconic festival has always been a place for experimentation, and we’re honored to be invited in residence there in 2022.

We’ll perform three sets: an entire set centered on our album Ummon. Then, a special set Into the Unknown, composed only of “never-played” tracks. Finally, we’ll have the great pleasure to play with Etienne Jaumet from Zombie Zombie, for a special creation for the festival. We can’t wait to live this exciting experience with you all, it’s going to be three great days of music.”

SLIFT are on their way to becoming the standard-bearers for the next generation of space rock. Don’t miss this chance to experience them breaking new ground  – even for themselves – when they take up the mantle of Artist in Residence at Roadburn 2022.

JJ Koczan

Date: April 21 | April 22 | April 23

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA

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