Stomach Earth to perform at Roadburn 2018 as part of Jacob Bannon's curation

Like some ancient sea creature, Stomach Earth only surfaces every few years. Beginning in 2001 under the name Nyarlathotep, the one-man doom / death metal project of Mike McKenzie (The Red Chord, Wear Your Wounds, Unraveller) released a few demos and sunk back into the shadows for several years, with little to no activity beyond a name change.

Over a decade after its inception, a full length was released on Black Market Activities. This release prompted two live performances before it would lie dormant once more. As part of Jacob Bannon‘s curation, Stomach Earth will surface again to perform their self-titled debut in its entirety. Joining McKenzie on stage as Stomach Earth will be multi-instrumentalist Greg Weeks (The Red Chord, Wormwood).

“Mike McKenzie is one of the most interesting and talented musicians rooted in New England’s heavy music scene. His Stomach Earth album was one of the heaviest releases he has ever worked on. It will be incredible to see him perform this powerful record live exclusively at Roadburn Festival 2018. Sonically it is a perfect fit for the festival, and a great example of the darkness New England music has to offer”Jacob Bannon.

Date: April 19

Time: 17.00

Stage: Hall of Fame