STORMO have been not-so-quietly notching up quite an impressive live history over the years; with over 400 shows under their belts and no signs of slowing down, they’ll soon be making their way to Roadburn. Fresh off the success of their fourth studio album, Endocannibalismo (a practice which involves consuming the flesh of dead relatives to prolong and protect their spirit), Stormo are preparing to bring their post-hardcore to Tilburg in what is sure to be a frenetic display.

The Italian four piece will leave behind the picturesque Dolomites and traverse Europe to reach the arguably less scenic vistas of Tilburg, where we hope you’ll join us in giving them a true Roadburn welcome. Their urgent take on screamo-infused hardcore comes with experimental flourishes and a scathing vocal delivery that’s sure to leave its mark.

Date: April 19

Time: 23:30 - 00:10

Stage: Hall of Fame