For over a decade, THANTIFAXATH have been anonymously spewing out their angular, discordant black metal  – and the time is nigh; they’re bringing it to Roadburn too. We’re delighted to welcome this mysterious band to the Roadburn stage!

The Canadian ensemble will perform on the very first day of the festival, but don’t expect balloons and streamers to welcome you. Their latest full length offering, Hive Mind Narcosis, is a bludgeoning slab of death-infused, incendiary bleakness that quite frankly does not promise to ease you gently into the Roadburn weekend. 

Of their Roadburn debut, the band say: “Fear and madness are everywhere. We invite all peoples to come consciously process human pain through art.  Die to your story.”

Whilst pleasantries may not be the order of the day, expansive, abrasive black metal infused with avant-garde and progressive touches will be. Hive Mind Narcosis provides the perfect platform for Thantifaxath to truly shine – just don’t expect them to be stepping into the spotlight; they’ll continue to lurk in the shadows as befits their sombre repertoire.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: TBA

Stage: TBA