Poland's Thaw to share sparse, ritualistic, and experimental black metal at Roadburn 2018

It’s well documented that Planet Roadburn’s orbit brings in all manner of innovators and curious makers of sound. While we’re in love with all forms of heavy, we’re especially wild about it when it’s done in a manner that defies expectations.

When presented with the opportunity to share the sparse, ritualistic experimental black metal of Poland’s Thaw with all of our friends attending Roadburn 2018, we simply couldn’t help ourselves. From the spacious and intriguingly melodic black metal on Earth Ground to the barren, endlessly expanding sounds of St. Phenome Alley, they’ve kept us on our toes as listeners and we truly have no clue what to expect aside from a night of challenging sonic chaos from this group. 

Black metal itself is a genre whose very spirit lies in defiance and carving a new path. In this regard, we feel that Thaw embodies all that we would want and more from a black metal act performing at Roadburn. The enjoyment does not need to be cerebral, as we expect a disgusting good time to occur as things set into violent motion, yet those who love a sonic challenge will surely find plenty to embrace in Thaw’s all-encompassing approach to blackened innovation. Craving desolation and chaos? You know where to look on Friday, 20 April.

Ben Handelman / October 2017

Date: April 20

Time: 16.20

Type: Koepelhal

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