Call it noisepop, call it shoegaze, call it whatever you want but it’s simply not possible to capture the true essence of THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN within a few words. They are a band who have made such an impact on the world within which Roadburn operates, their legend feels outsized, too large to fully comprehend. So, it is with great pride and more than a little disbelief that we are here today announcing that they will play Roadburn 2024.

The friction between siblings Jim and William Reid is what fueled The Jesus and Mary Chain for many years before ultimately being the force that broke the band apart entirely in the late 90s. Even in the void of their absence, new generations of musicians continued to discover their gorgeously melodic take on angular, noisy rock music. Many of those musicians have graced the stage at Roadburn over the years. Whilst Roadburn is a festival that is firmly rooted in heavy music, The Jesus and Mary Chain is a tonic; their heady blend of fuzz and melody is a transportation device, whisking us a way to a different time and place of rose-tinted romance, wistful existentialism and just the right dose of hedonism.

When the band ultimately reunited in 2007, many – including me, your humble scribe and festival booker – rejoiced, a chance to connect with this incredible band in a live setting was once again within reach.  And it was every inch as glorious as those teenage hours spent immersed in classic albums such as Automatic and Psychocandy had led us to believe it could be. It was several more years before new music would emerge; when it finally did, it picked up the thread that was dropped in 1998 with what appeared to be the greatest of ease, belying the feeling of not fitting in that accompanied their re-emergence into a changed music scene.

Alongside the 2022 release, Damage and Joy, The Jesus and Mary Chain have continued to play live with setlists that span the full depths of their back catalogue. Whilst the influence of their early work is undeniable, their desire for forward motion means they are also always looking to the future – something we fully identify with here at Roadburn HQ. Whether you’re joining us to take a trip back to a hazy early days of the band or you want to revel in the sound of an iconic band embarking on their fifth decade, sounding more vital than ever; we’ve got you covered.

The Jesus and Mary Chain will play Roadburn on Sunday, 21 April, 2024.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 21

Time: 20:50 - 22:10

Stage: Main Stage