THROWING BRICKS are a homegrown talent – we’re always keen to champion the best of the Dutch underground at Roadburn, and we’re doing exactly that by inviting the Utrecht based band to play at this year’s festival. If their philosophy could be summed up succinctly, it’s remarkably similar to our own: friends finding joy in heaviness. So, let’s unite in the search for joy as we welcome Throwing Bricks to Roadburn this April. 

Combining elements of punk, black metal, screamo and sludge, the five piece concoct a whirlpool of aggression and emotional intensity that is wildly captivating. The legend of their live show precedes them too, so we’re forewarning you to expect that intensity to translate in a visceral way when they hit the stage. 

They tell us: “We’ve been visiting Roadburn for years, the fact that we got invited to play one of our favourite festivals feels like a dream. The ambiance, music and people make it a beautiful experience, we’re hyped to share our music with so many visitors and friends from all over the world. Roadburn holds a special place in our heart, we literally can’t wait!”

Throwing Bricks will release a split album with Ontaard this year, and we don’t anticipate them sitting still for long after that. In just a few short years they have made their presence well and truly felt in the Netherlands and it’s surely time for their infectious heaviness to be heard far and wide. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 22:20 - 23:10

Stage: Hall of Fame