Trans Am to bring their particular brand of anti-mope-post-rock to John Dyer Baizley's curated Roadburn event

If you trace the history of post-rock, you’ll go all the way down the family tree to find Nathan Means, Philip Manley and Sebastian Thomson, the three members of Trans Am, grinning and bopping heads at the very root of it all while they belt out quirky tune after quirky tune.

It’s a testament to the inimitable style of Trans Am that despite being one of the main forefathers of this rather vague genre, no one has really managed to sound like them throughout all these years – their kitschy, simple-sounding, sparse mix of krautrock, metal and punk is easy to understand and yet impossible to master, and over 25 years after the band’s formation, they remain as alone on top of that post-rock mountain as they’ve ever been.

John Dyer Baizley explains why he has chosen Trans Am to be part of his curated event:

“I am especially excited to announce that Trans Am will be playing at the Patronaat stage next year at Roadburn. Not only have I been fortunate enough to have had the immense rhythmic skills of Sebastian Thomson in Baroness since 2013; but I have always been a massive Trans Am fan, and I think their performance at Roadburn will be an incredible moment during next year’s festival. They were one of those quintessentially influential bands on Baroness during our formative years (though I’m sure they’re unaware), and its impossible not to be astounded by the consistency of their output over the years.

“Trans Am are a true testament to the potency, creativity and longevity that’s possible within the DIY music scene, and I believe their particular brand of anti-mope-post-rock will be an exciting addition to the Patronaat stage. I’m entirely unaware of any current bands that play anything remotely similar to Trans Am, so I’m proud to be bringing such a unique sound along with me. I’m sure Sebastian will have his work cut out for him, playing two very intense and completely different sets, with both Baroness and Trans Am (Friday and Saturday, respectively). Do not miss this show, it will be a truly incomparable experience during Roadburn 2017.”

Trans Am will perform as part of John Dyer Baizley’s curated event at Het Patronaat on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

Roadburn Festival 2017 will take place April 20-23 at the 013 venue, Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are now on sale!

Date: April 22

Time: 20:50

Stage: Het Patronaat