TUSMØRKE are bringing their Norwegian psychedelia to Roadburn – prepare for things to get weird imminently! Just as you think you’ve grasped what they’re all about, they’ll throw you a medieval curveball, confusing the hell out of your Mediterranean disco attendees. Take our advice… don’t think about it too much, just allow yourself to get scooped up and taken on this magical mystery journey through space and time.

Helmed by twin brothers Benediktator and Krizla, Tusmørke will be spoiling us with a rendition of their latest album Hestehoven, as well as some previously unheard music. With their fellow starsailors Herjekongen and Brennesle, the controls are set for the groove in the heart of darkness. Blending prog, psych, funk… and whatever else they find lying around on the forest floor, the results are a heady brew that will leave you questioning the parameters of reality as you (thought you) knew it.

“All we really want to do is keep it surreal and re-enchant the world, one head at a time. Minds are made to be blown just as bodies are meant to dance, in this diminishing light between two nights. A decade in the making, this date, this hour, this time has come, for the soul to be psychedelicized. We’ll bring the songs of the sighing boughs, the whoosh of which will part your hair and flap your bell bottoms.”

Throw it back with Tusmørke; let these brothers and their band of merry men set the scene, dim the lights and make your fever dreams a reality.

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 19

Time: 22:00 - 23:10

Stage: Next Stage