Uniform to defy conventions at Roadburn 2018

Uniform is a band that defies convention. An industrial duo that faithfully and lovingly covers Black Sabbath’s classic Symptom of the Universe is odd enough, but one that can sound just as natural collaborating with a former member of Coil is a clever and adaptive beast indeed.

With this year’s massive Wake in Fright, Uniform confirmed that these fascinating forays were all part of the plan instead of charming flukes. Simultaneously spacious and so suffocating that it’s almost comforting, the sound Uniform conjures is larger than many full bands could envision and we’re honored to announce their inclusion as part of the Roadburn 2018 roster on Thursday, 19 April. 

From chilling ambiance to gut-piercing static, we expect pure audio warfare from this ferocious duo as they take listeners into depravity and desperation. Roadburn may be an escape from the reality of the world around us, but Uniform’s ability to rub an audience’s face in the ugliest aspects of the human experience will delight those of us itching for discomfort that transcends the normal realm of aggressive guitars.

Whether you’re a newcomer to industrial sounds or you have an encyclopedic ability to separate your Neubautens from your Big Blacks and everything in between, we’re sure you’ll be pulled in by the ceaseless programmed rhythms, feral vocals, and jarring guitars. 

Ben Handelman / October 2017

Date: April 19

Time: 17.30

Stage: Green Room