Void Ov Voices presents Roadburn to Sungate

VOID OV VOICES will return to Roadburn with a show titled Roadburn to Sungate. The solo vehicle for iconic vocalist Attila Csihar, Void Ov Voices is set to leave a mark on Tilburg this coming April. And after some legendary appearances over the years, we have high expectations for this special set.

Attila recalls his previous forays into Roadburn territory, telling us: “Roadburn has become a very important and emblematic festival for underground metal, rock and experimental music.

I remember playing there for the first time in the middle of the 2000s with our alternative side project called the Burial Chamber Trio. At the time, the festival was still in a smaller venue with a small stage. Later, I played there many times, for example with Sunn O))), sang together with Keiji Haino and I opened with Void Ov Voices supporting Ulver for their first tour.” He continues, “It has always been a unique and amazing experience. I’m really looking forward to being back and playing again at this fantastic festival.”

Void Ov Voices was originally conceived as a project that would only exist in a live arena – Attila endeavoured to create meaningful, ritualistic music that existed only in the moment. With an interest in cultivating, creating and harnessing the energy of a specific time and place, Void Ov Voices shows were truly one-off experiences.  Attila has committed only scant recordings to tape over the years under the Void Ov Voices moniker – and those also seek to create a very specific ambience, to conjure up an other-worldly sense of transcendence. 

So if you come to Roadburn seeking the unusual, craving for something that will resonate long after you’ve gone home, then Attila is preparing to create just the performance you’ve been waiting for. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 18

Time: 18:20 - 19:10

Stage: Next Stage