Wiegedood Will Be Tearing Up The Main Stage at Roadburn 2018

One of the latest entities to spring from the ever-fertile well that is the Church Of Ra collective, Wiegedood are, as most of you are aware by now, a trio formed by Amenra‘s (among others) Levy Seynaeve and Oathbreaker‘s Wim Sreppoc and Gilles Demolder in 2014.

They’ve become such a stable presence within the European black metal scene that it does feel like they’ve been around a lot longer than just a little over three years, but maybe that is due to the instant impact of their two related albums, De Doden Hebben Het Goed and De Doden Hebben Het Goed II.

Wiegedood have had a defined musical framework from the beginning, a particularly furious and anguished kind of atmospheric black metal (not to try and dampen the mood or anything, but their name does mean, literally, “death in the cradle”, the Dutch term for SIDS, so don’t expect roses…), reminiscent of the likes of Wolves In The Throne Room, Falls Of Rauros, Altar Of Plagues or Ash Borer.

This has perhaps allowed for a clear and potent delivery of their music, and as such their live shows have become a true whirlwind of furious catharsis, raging obscurity and fiery destruction. Sounds just like the kind of thing we like to have at Roadburn when we take our frequent turns towards the dark side, doesn’t it? And since we have been glad to receive most of the other members of the Church Of Ra throughout the years, getting Wiegedood to come and tear up a stage was really a no-brainer.

Wiegedood will be tearing up the Main Stage on Sunday, 22 April at Roadburn 2018.

José Carlos Santos / November 2017

Date: April 22

Time: 17.10

Stage: Main Stage

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