Xiu Xiu presents The police bear such resemblance to those they pursue

For over twenty years, XIU XIU have been confounding expectations, pushing boundaries, exploring personal experience through sound, and so, so much more. Those two decades are bursting at the seams with avant-rock, experimental pop, dreamy electronica, reimagined soundtracks, otherworldly collaborations – far too much to condense down into a few mere paragraphs here for your perusal. If you’re unfamiliar with their oeuvre, then our strongest suggestion is to plunge yourself straight in and see where you come up for air. 

If your sonic explorations lead you directly to Roadburn 2024 then Xiu Xiu will be there waiting for you with a very special set titled The police bear such resemblance to those they pursue.  It’s part retrospective, part preview, all guaranteed to be something unforgettable. 

They tell us:

For thee superb Roadburn Festival, we will be playing bad dream, newly intense, experimental arrangements of Xiu Xiu songs. The set will include unreleased songs from our next record and exploded versions of deep cuts and smashy smashy bangers.”

So if you were doubting whether to pack your dancing shoes, the decision has hereby been made for you. Through their open-hearted approach to their own music over the years – in particular the vulnerability and candour of founding member Jamie Stewart – Xiu Xiu create a space to look inwards and shine outwards however you see fit. This set promises to be something special – we can’t wait to witness it. 

– Becky Laverty

Date: April 19

Time: 20:10 - 21:10

Stage: Next Stage