Yellow Eyes bringing Black Metal as Spiritual War to Roadburn 2018

As one of the brightest shining stars in a burgeoning American black metal scene, Yellow Eyes’ debut at Roadburn has been a long time coming. In their newest release, Immersion Trench Reverie, years of slow growth and hard work have culminated with a triumphant fusion of shimmering guitar lines, explosive rhythms, and inhuman howls.

Following a brief European tour in direct support of this new release, Yellow Eyes has now set its collective intention on dominance of Roadburn 2018. Those who’ve had the privilege of seeing the band’s performances in the past know well what to expect: pure expression and vibrant atmosphere. Field recordings and fog machines fill the space for brief moments between Yellow Eyes’ dueling melodies and pummeling energy.

The ferocity and humanity alone, however, is not the selling point of seeing this band in its live form. It’s the motion and expansion from moment to moment. In songs like ‘Shrillness in the Heated Grass’ or the title track from 2015’s ‘Sick With Bloom’, the band can make minutes pass like seconds and single riffs stretch to stunning size and length through deliberate control of atmosphere. The distortion of time and sound through sheer force and inertia is what takes the band beyond the realm of merely performing a song live and creating a distinct, gripping experience.

Says drummer Michael Rekevics, “As we are with every opportunity to perform, Yellow Eyes is honored to be able to appear at Roadburn.

“With burning intention and a sight without limits,


We hope you’ll get immersed in reverie with us as Yellow Eyes takes the stage in the Green Room at 013 venue on Thursday, April 19.

Ben Handelman / November 2017

Date: April 19

Time: 15.00

Type: Het Patronaat