Justin Broadrick and Kevin Martin as ZONAL will team up with Moor Mother to obliterate Roadburn 2018

Justin K. Broadrick is such an integral part of the Roadburn backbone by now that he needs little introduction. However, even with past Godflesh, Jesu or JK Flesh performances at the festival, there is still much of his incredibly wide artistic reach to explore. When it was announced that Justin and Kevin Martin, aka The Bug, who already made himself part of Roadburn with a staggering show alongside Dylan Carlson of Earth this year, would reunite under the name Zonal, a spiritual continuation from their iconic Techno Animal duo, that massive bleep was obviously instantly registered on our always-on radar.

Techno Animal was formed in 1990, when Justin and Kevin teamed up to explore a similar love of studio experimentation, and the resulting discography meshing industrial, electronic and alternative hip hop has been a huge influence for many other musicians within those areas. To have these two men, now more experienced and seasoned musicians, travelling the same exploratory path back together as Zonal is a huge thing and we are honoured to receive them.

And that could have been it, and it would have been awesome. But we always like to take one step further than even imagination will allow sometimes, and so at Roadburn 2018 Zonal will perform accompanied by none other than Moor Mother! Camae Ayewa, the musician, activist and poet from Philadelphia behind this name, is a potent force in her own right, with her recent Fetish Bones album gathering universal accolades. Her explosive live performances accentuate her visceral lyricism, and typically bludgeon the audience with extremely thought-provoking words about topics such as black history and feminism.

Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin and Camae Ayewa; JKB, The Bug and Moor Mother, on the same stage, tearing it up sonically and making you think and feel deeply at the same time. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe what this will be like.

Zonal with Moor Mother will be lighting up Roadburn 2018 on Sunday, 22 April at the 013 venue.

José Carlos Santos / December 2017

Date: April 22

Time: 19.00

Stage: Main Stage