With the end of Roadburn on the horizon, we wanted to take just a moment to reflect and say thank you for the incredible shared experience we’ve all been through these last four days. We’ve never experienced an atmosphere quite like this at Roadburn before – everybody is so relaxed, open-hearted and curious to discover something new.

Roadburners have been so willing to take the plunge and jump into the unknown with us – and found new sounds and new connections, both on and off the stages.

We’re grateful for the trust that you put in us. And the trust we – together – have put in the artists to deliver exceptional shows has paid off a thousandfold. We’re proud that Roadburn has always been recognised for the high level performances that artists deliver here, but this year to us it seems that bar has been raised even further than before. Artists have pushed their creative boundaries in so many new and exciting directions and as a consequence have also expanded the boundaries of what Roadburn is and can be in the future.

The future of Roadburn is an exciting thing to contemplate, and this weekend has proven how willing the Roadburn community is to go on an exploratory journey with us. The community that surrounds us gives us strength, inspiration and support in equal measure – the value of which is limitless.

For those of you who already know that you want to be here with us next year, tickets for Roadburn 2024 will go on sale tomorrow at noon CEST. They’ll be priced the same as the 2023 tickets (including service fees) until June 3rd.

Over the coming weeks will continue to process all that we’ve seen, heard and felt, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back to Roadburn again next year. It will be here before you know it.

– Walter on behalf of Roadburn and the 013 venue.