Check out the video premiere of a track from the upcoming John Cxnnor X The Devil’s Trade live album

As we get ever closer to Roadburn 2023, one of the artists that we’re highly anticipating is John Cxnnor – we commissioned them to create and perform an original composition for this year’s festival. We knew they’d be up to the challenge after witnessing their absolute commitment and stunning live show at Roadburn 2022 where they collaborated with The Devil’s Trade.

The combination of John Cxnnor’s Terminator-inspired industrial soundscapes and Dávid Makó’s evocative, haunting vocals made for a heady mix – and a performance that left people talking about it for the rest of the weekend. We’re thrilled that the performance was captured and will live on through the release of a live album due for release next month via Pelagic Records.

Today we can share one of the tracks they performed last year – with accompanying video. If you were there then this is your chance to relive this amazing show, and if you’re just discovering the world of John Cxnnor then consider this your welcome…

John Cxnnor X The Devil’s Trade – Live at Roadburn will be released on April 21, 2023. Pre-order here.