Cast your mind back to the first day of Roadburn this year… opening up the main stage was the first of this year’s commissioned projects: John Cxnnor performing All My Futures Past. Brothers Rasmus and Ketil Sejersen took to the stage with a hand picked selection of guest vocalists and – quite frankly – blew us all away. If you weren’t able to join us on the day, never fear because today we’re premiering a video shot at Roadburn so you can relive the experience right alongside the rest of us who witnessed it first hand.

A big part of the reason that we commissioned John Cxnnor was that we were enamoured with their approach to creativity and their lack of regard for genre boundaries when crafting their music.  Whilst they also do incredible things in their other band, LLNN, John Cxnnor spoke to us deeply in terms of challenging preconceptions and embracing the unknown.
The track and video we’re premiering today is titled SunWalker and it features the vocal contributions of Kim Song Sternkopf of Møl. This performance is just one piece of the puzzle that makes up the forward-thinking world of John Cxnnor. The pair will embrace the possibilities of technology further still this coming weekend when they perform two ‘immersive sound’ concerts in Copenhagen, utilising an 18 speaker surround system.

Rest assured that if the future of music lies with John Cxnnor, then we’re in good hands.

Watch the video for SunWalker featuring Kim Song Sternkopf below. Explore the sound of John Cxnnor further here.