Now that the dust is beginning to settle, I feel like I am finally starting to come to terms with everything that happened and with how overwhelming Roadburn 2024 really has been.
From the very start on Thursday afternoon, when we handed over the festival to all of you involved, you instantly made it your own. From bands to staff and attendees, everybody contributed to turn Roadburn into a shared reality that went beyond anything we could have imagined or hoped for.
Whether it was watching a show, having a drink with friends, walking from one stage to another or hanging out outside, whatever. Just being at the festival, the collective energy was unparalleled. A real sense of community made busy Roadburn days feel relaxed, easy-going, laid back… and fun! It’s like the festival became a living organism, completely at peace with itself. Roadburn veterans, first-timers and all between; it was clear we were all there for the music that we all love so dearly.
I believe this feeling of unity led directly to the amazing performances witnessed across every stage. The level was at an all-time high, and once again surpassed our wildest expectations. Everyone seems to have come away from the festival with a bunch of shows they will remember forever. We are extremely grateful to all of you for fully embracing Roadburn as your home away from home. And thank you for helping to make sure that everybody in attendance, without exception, became a part of it.
Of course, many are already wondering about next year. We can say that for Roadburn 2025 we will look to the horizon of the underground, exploring and discovering the present and the future along the way. We are excited to have all of you with us on this journey.
– Walter