We have every hope that this announcement is a case of third time lucky for us and for White Ward. Originally scheduled to play in 2020, we then re-booked them for 2023 with the intention of presenting their incredible album False Light in its entirety. That show was then cancelled due to the ongoing war in Ukraine; the band were understandably unable to leave their homeland for performances. So, it is with renewed hope and plenty of enthusiastic anticipation that we’re preparing once again to welcome White Ward to Roadburn 2024. 

As one of the leading lights in experimental and avant-garde metal, White Ward truly captured imaginations with the release of 2019’s Love Exchange Failure. It is a critically acclaimed patient exploration of black metal with exquisite jazz-infused flourishes that secured their booking at Roadburn the following year. They followed this with the release of False Light in 2022 – a thematically bleak album inspired by the novel Intermezzo written by Ukrainian author Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky.  Once again, the band seamlessly blended their signature black metal with an experimental leaning that sets them apart. 

Of their upcoming appearance at Roadburn, the band comments:
“Since we cancelled our spring tour and despite all the happening around we decided not to give up and continue to look for a solution for foreign concerts, as we understand how important it is not only for us but also for the Ukrainian underground scene and cultural ties with the European community. And now, after many months, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

“Hope to finally see you in Tilburg, at Roadburn 2024!”

The road to Roadburn has not been a smooth one for White Ward, but we’re looking forward to finally hosting them for what is sure to be a monumental and incredibly special performance.