Essential Sounds: 30.10.20

October 30, 2020

Some weeks, playlist inspiration can be thin on the ground, and other weeks there’s an abundance of new music – and the challenge comes from whittling it down to something cohesive and not six hours in length! Fortunately this week was the latter!
Becky Laverty

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou Out of Existence (Sacred Bones)

NothingFamine Asylum (Relapse Records)

Soft KillFloodgate (Cercle Social Records)

JesuAlone (Avalance Recordings)

HexvesselHalloween (Svart Records)

Portrayal Of GuiltIt’s Already Over (Closed Casket Activities)

RespireCicatrice (Church Road Records)

Chained to the Bottom of the OceanI’ll Possess Your Heart (Self-Released)

Auðn Verður von að bráð (Season of Mist)

ShagorNachtdwaler (Babylon Doom Cult)

Henrik PalmNihilist (Svart Records)

PallbearerVengenance & Ruination (Nuclear Blast)

BotanistWater (The Flenser)

Sólveig MatthildurVenus (Artoffact Records)

RoyaThousand Needles (Labrador)

ClippingEnlacing (Sub Pop)

Boris & MerzbowAway from You (Relapse Records)

Essential Sounds: 23.10.20

October 23, 2020

This week’s lengthy and experimental playlist is all about the healing power of music. Self-healing and self-care through music. Be resilient through whatever you’ve got going on in addition to the state of the world, and let these songs and artists inspire you to bounce back, dare to dream, and unleash your inner strength.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Storefront ChurchThe Gift (Sargent House)

Blunt RazorsAmber Waves (Deathwish Inc)

BleakHeartDream Griever (Sailor Records)

SalemRed River (Self-Released)

White Hills & Simone Marie ButlerHonesty (Self-Released)

DeafheavenDaedalusLive (Sargent House)

Ett Dödens MaskineriLåsta dörrar (Suicide Records)

IskandrGelderse Poort (Eisenwald)

LiturgyLonely OIOIOI (YLYLCYN)

GoldmundDay In Day Out (Western Vinyl)

Shilpa RayHetronormative Horseshit Blues (Self-Released)

Mr. GnomeTime (El Marko Records)

Marie Davidson, L’ Œil NuBack To Rock (Ninja Tune)

Iterum NataThee (Secret Trees)

Yin YinChông Ky (Bongo Joe)

Coşkun KarademirKara Tren Gelmez M’ola (CK Music Production)

Black Market BrassOmega (Colemine Records)

Surprise ChefNew Ferrari (Mr Bongo)

Litte Barry, Malcolm CattoRest In Blue

ArbouretumLet It All In (Madlib Invazion)

Essential Sounds: 16.10.20

October 16, 2020

As we move into yet another uncertain season, let this week’s lengthy and wildly diverse playlist be a beacon of hope. Take the time to rejuvenate your mind and let it run free. There’s a better future out there somewhere and your unbridled guidance is here.

Black WingBollywood Apologetics (The Flenser)

Health, Soccer MommyMass Grave (Loma Vista Recordings)

Public MemoryMidsummer Shadow (felte)

Promise And The MonsterClosed My Eyes (Icons Creating Evil Art)

WardrunaKvitravn (Fimbulljod Productions / Sony Music)

GarmarnaGagen Flyr (Season of Mist)

Mary LattimoreSometimes He’s In My Dreams (Ghostly International)

WobblerNaiad Dreams (Karisma Records)

Death Valley GirlsHypnagogia (Suicide Squeeze Records)

RomskipDagens Ungdom (Back To Beat Records)

Kohti TuhoaVesi Virtaa (La Vida En Un Mus Discos)

War On WomenWhite Lies (Bridge Nine Records)

Touché AmoreCome Heroine (Epitaph)

Sturle DagslandKusanagi (Self-Released)

IngrinaNow (A Tant Rêver Du Roi)

GlassingTwin Dream (Brutal Panda Records)

Arkheron ThodolA Glimpse of Woven Light (Naturmacht Productions)

REZNMother/Forever Time (Self-Released)

BackxwashSpells (Grimalkin Records)

BlackhandpathDark Souls (The Codeine Cowboy)

Health, JpegMaffiaHate You (Loma Vista Recordings)

Clipping, Michael EspositoPain Everyday (Sub Pop Records)

A Roadburn curation at LGW OFF: Saturday 14 November, De Helling, Utrecht (NL)

October 14, 2020

Despite the uncertain times, Utrecht’s Le Guess Who? festival will present a Corona-proof program dedicated to Dutch artists (and to support local venues and partners as well) on November 14-15, called LGW OFF and we’re elated to announce that they have asked us to curate a stage at De Helling.

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of Le Guess Who? The festival’s an inspiration even in these times. We feel incredibly honoured, and we jumped at the chance to offer the festival – and its local and national visitors – a glimpse of the thriving Dutch underground, as it’s such a beacon of hope.

On Saturday 14 November, we will proudly present four Dutch bands that made an impact in Roadburn circles this year – both Doodswens and Turia will bring their much acclaimed, ritualistic (and experimental) take on black metal to LGW OFF, while deranged Dutch duo Plague Organ (ft. members from Cryptae, Imperial Cult and Dead Neanderthals) will play their first-ever live show and unravel a nauseating spell of dark kraut / avant-garde / ambient black and death metal deformity. To close the proceedings, darkened cosmonauts Radar Men From The Moon will perform their latest album, ‘The Bestial Light’, in its entirety, and showcase their enormous artistic growth over the last decade.

For those of you who can’t make it to LGW OFF, the renowned festival is offering a freely accessible online TV channel, called LGW ON, which will be showing videos, films and documentaries selected by past performers from 13 – 15 November.

Tickets for LGW OFF will go on sale at a later date – we’ll let you know asap!

If you have any questions regarding your visit in times of Covid-19, please visit LGW‘s FAQ.

Essential Sounds: 09.10.20

October 9, 2020

Behold! This week’s playlist is a swift run through a collection of tracks that have kept us engaged over recent days. Consider the SUMAC track to be a signpost to seek out the full album elsewhere, as it’s not on Spotify!
If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Dark Buddha RisingSunyaga (Svart Records)

Sangre de MuerdagoXuntas (Música Máxica)

GlissDoubt (Self-Released)

Pg.Lost Suffering (Pelagic Records)

BriquevilleAkte IX (Pelagic Records)

SumacThe Iron Chair (Thrill Jockey)

HellripperSpectres of the Blood Moon Sabbath (Peaceville Records)

Of WolvesMaker (Self-Released)

Anaal NathrakhEndarkenment (Metal Blade)

Infera BruoRites of the Nameless (Prosthetic Records)

WayfarerVaudeville (Profound Lore)

Essential Sounds: 02.10.20

October 2, 2020

It’s Bandcamp Friday – hopefully our weekly playlist will help you seek out some goods over at Bandcamp. It’s a brand new and unbridled journey of discovery to keep us all going.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Pharaoh OverlordWithout Song All Will Perish (Rocket Recordings)

Enslaved Urjotun (Nuclear Blast)

Zeal & ArdorTuskegee (Self-Release)

BotanistBacteria (The Flenser)

MolassessThe Devil Lives (Season of Mist)

Shaam LareinMemories (Icons Creating Evil Art)

GarmarnaTvå Systrar (Season of Mist)

IressNest (Self-Release)

Popular MusicWillow’s Song (Sanitarium Sound)

SUSSEcho Lake (Northern Spy)

Jennifer CastleJustice (Paradise of Bachelors)

Sarah Mary ChadwickSit Down And Pour (Chapter Music)

DM Stith, David StithWaving 1 (yk Records)

Luke AbbottKagen Sound (Border Community Recordings)

Ko Shin MoonCanon Neon (Akuphone)

MountainKingMinute (Opuulent)

The HeliocentricsSpace Cake (Madlib Invazion)

João Pais FilipeV (Holuzam)

Ak’chamel, The Giver of IllnessTo Travel the Path of Every Sickness (Akuphone)

Menahan Street BandQueens Highway (Daptone Records)

Essential Sounds: 25.09.20

September 25, 2020

This week’s playlist has a couple of repeat appearances – not because we’ve run out of things too share, but more because some things warrant a repeat airing. Sometimes life moves so fast that it makes dawdling a little bit a pleasure – at least, I think so! There’s some brand new tracks in there too of course, and hopefully something to pique your interest.


If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

SvalbardOpen Wound (Church Road records)

Emma Ruth Rundle, ThouThe Valley (Sacred Bones)

Kurt Vile & John PrineHow Lucky (Matador Records)

Anna von HausswolffPersefone (Southern Lord)

Lingua IgnotaJolene (Sargent House)

Henrik PalmGiven Demon (Svart Records)

Four Stroke BaronMean Mr. Mustard (Prosthetic Records)

Soft KillRoses All Around (Cercle Social Records)

Crippled Black PhoenixLost (Season of Mist)

MJ GuiderSimulus (Kranky)

Essential Sounds: 18.09.20

September 18, 2020

This week’s lengthy playlist is quite an exploration into the unknown. It’s a culmination of the many styles and sounds that keep us going, but it’s also a massive nod to the artists and bands that defy uncertain times by giving us hope through their artistry. Thank you all so much for keeping us inspired – or even sane! Without you, we would be lost.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

ShortparisKoKoKo (Universal Music)

штадт (Stadt) – Особь без лица (HNWA)

White Hills, Jim JarmuschIllusion (Self Release)

SelofanThere Must Be Somebody (Fabrika Records)

Manuela IwanssonStrangers On A Train (PNKSLM Recordings)

HealthCyberpunk (Loma Vista Recordings)

War On WomenWonderful Hell (Bridge Nine Records)

AudnLjóstyra (Season of Mist)

ArmageddaEvigheten i en obrytbar cirkel (Nordvis)

ThreestepstotheoceanNotte In Pieno Giorno (Antigony Records)

Thousand Foot Whale ClawThe Garden from Above (Holodeck)

KalandraSlow Motion (By Norse Music)

Kjell BraatenØstavind (By Norse Music)

Lili RefrainGula (Narcotica)

The HeliocentricsLight in the Dark (Madlib Invazion)

Apache SunBroken Branches (30th Century Records)

DeradoorianSaturnine Night (Anti)

NordmannCryptonym (Unday Records)

Motor!kHeadlights (Out of Line Music)

BergetonLambo (Meus Records)

Pedro AugustoFormnt9 (Self Release)

Track Premiere: IJdelheid - Inside You

August 26, 2020

Ahead of its release, we’re excited to bring you the premiere for “Inside You, a brand new track, taken from IJdelheid’s debut-EP, ‘God Must Love Me’, which will be out on cassette this Friday, 28 August through Tartarus Records. IJdelheid is Ruben Wijlacker’s intimate vehicle to explore atmospheric dream folk, contrary to his playful yet sometimes schizophrenic take on black metal when he’s fronting Grey Aura.

Much like Grey Aura, IJdelheid (i.e. vanity) is very disquieting too, but in its own, brooding way, eliciting a melancholic feeling completely at odds with the lyrical themes of transgression, sexual violence and murder. Be it a deadly relationship between two lovers, and the metaphorical rejection and silencing of one’s darkest desires – Wijlacker doesn’t shy away from the dark and sinful prospects of life nor questioning religion.

Featuring guest vocals by Firoza Mulahella (who is one of Wijlacker‘s closest friends), ‘Inside You’ sees an “incarcerated man, fantasizing about a woman”, says the multi-talented Wijlacker. “It was written during October 2019, but this seems to be a fitting time to release it. With the current regulations regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, our physical contact with other human beings is extremely limited: often, we cannot touch those whom we love, and will have no choice but to withdraw into our own fantasies. As our longing intensifies, fantasies grow stronger. Our feelings of love, backed by a growing fear of abandonment and emotional starvation, may turn sour. We may want to claim our loved ones and hold them close, only to affirm our own existence and self-worth.”

Essential Sounds: 21.08.20

August 21, 2020

The best ideas are spontaneous ones, surely… the ones that come from a spark of inspiration and a sense of collaboration. Somewhere, way back when (it feels like a lifetime ago), we invited Thou to be our 2019 Artists In Residence, and they proposed a collaborative set with firm festival favourite, Emma Ruth Rundle.

We were thrilled at the thought of Emma lending her vocals to some Thou songs, or perhaps Thou adding the weight of their sound to Emma’s music, but what they magicked up – behind the scenes and both before and after the festival was something even more monumental than that. A true collaboration, a spiritual, creative and communal meeting of minds spawned a collection of original material which is now on its way to being ushered out into the world.

It’s been a labour of love, no doubt, and it’s feels like it’s been a long time coming, but Thou and Emma’s collaborative album ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ is due for release this October. The first track is streaming now, giving a glimpse into the fuzzed out, sludged out majesty of the rest of the album; it seemed only fitting that we kick off this week’s playlist with that track – “Ancestral Recall. I’ve ordered my copy already – and if you want to do so too, click HERE.

As ever, the rest of the playlist is a collection of songs that have piqued our interest, stoked our creativity and kept us sane over the last seven days. Perhaps you’ll discover something new or reconnect with an old favourite. Either way, dive in…

Becky Laverty.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Emma Ruth Rundle & ThouAncestral Recall (Sacred Bones)

SvalbardListen To Someone (Holy Roar)

The OceanOligocene (Metal Blade)

ConvocationThe Abscence of Grief (Self-Release)

AudnEldborg (Season of Mist)

Vous AutresOnde (Season of Mist)

MolassessDeath Is (Season of Mist)

Kairon; IRSE!White Flies (Svart Records)

LucidvoxKnife (Glitterbeat Records)

Ho99o9, Mike IXFirefly Family (Toys Have Powers)

UniformDispatches from the Gutter (Sacred Bones Records)

ServoI (Fuzz Club Records)

Restive PlaggonaServed Cold (Several Minor Promises)

R. ElizabethBack from Ten (Night School)

Deaf Kids, RaktaMiragemAo vivo (Selo Sesc)

J Zunz33:33 (Rocket Recordings)

Les MarquisesLa Battue (Les Disques Normal)

TempersThe Use Of My Belonging (Dais Records)

Sky CivilianFloating In A Dream (Atomnation)

Pye Corner AudioSelf Synchronise (Lapsus Records)