Essential Sounds: 20.08.21

August 20, 2021

Let this week’s playlist be the soundtrack to your weekend – whether you’re venturing out, or staying home. As ever we hope you find something new, or are able to reconnect with an old favourite. If you like what you hear, please hit that “heart” button on Spotify – we update the playlist every Friday with new tunes.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

DeafheavenShellstar (Sargent House)

Circuit des YeuxDogma (Matador Records)

Fly Pan AmParkour 2 (Constellation)

HoaxedCandle Master (Relapse Records)

Chat PileBrutal Truth (Self-Release)

Portrayal Of GuiltTouched by an Angel (Self-Release)

SuccumbAither (The Flenser)

Wolves In The Throne RoomThrough Enternal Fields (Century Media)

UlverBounty Hunter (House of Mythology)

Wreck and ReferenceChange (In The House of Flies) (The Flenser)

Alora CrucibleBottomless Madraguda (House of Mythology)

Massimo Pupillo, Gabriele Tinti, Márton CsókásThe Lyre of Blood Will Drive off All Evil (House of Mytholgy)

The Lovecraft SextetFunebre Macabre (Denovali Records)

Essential Sounds: 06.08.21

August 6, 2021

This week’s playlist is jam-packed with Roadburn alumni, as well as some up-and-comers who have caught our ear lately. The second half of 2021 is shaping up to be flush with exciting albums exploring heaviness in such a diverse array of ways. Bring it on!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Full of HellIndustrial Messiah Complex (Relapse Records)

EnslavedCaravans to the Outer Worlds (Nuclear Blast)

Wolves In The Throne RoomPrimal Chasm (Gift of Fire) (Century Media)

WormwitchHammer of the Underworld (Prosthetic Records)

King WomanCoil (Relapse Records)

MølPhotophobic (Nuclear Blast)

Kayo DotVoid in Virgo (Prophecy Productions)

SoenEMDR (Silver Lining Music)

Green LungReaper’s Scynthe (Svart Records)

Hail Spirit NoirThe Monsters (Agonia Records)

DeathsomniaAkinesia (Isolation Rec)

DeafheavenIn Blur (Sargent House)

Slow CrushHush (Church Road Records)

Michael Love Michael, Chelsea WolfeHave (MLM Loves You)

Lingua IgnotaMan Is Like A Spring Flower (Sargent House)

Essential Sounds: 30.07.21

July 30, 2021

Opening this week’s playlist with ZZ Top’s classic anthem “Tush” is a fitting tribute to the late Dusty Hill, and also a nod to all of the great, new music that’s out there, too!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

ZZ TopTush (Warner Records)

Jerry CantrellAtone (Self-Release)

HealthylivingUntil (Self-Release)

King WomanCoil (Relapse Records)

ZetraCare (Children of the Vortex)

SculpturedDead Wall Reveries (The End Records)

These Hidden Hands, ZaniasShackles (Hidden Hundred)

Blak SaaganLa Firma del Legionairo Maple Death Records)

MightyhealthyPeppered Jab (Grimey Nobody Records)

Pleasure PlateauCortisol (Self-Release)

The Bug, FlowdanPressure (Ninja Tune)

Tropical Fuck StormNew Romeo Agent (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Angel OlsenSafety Dance (Somethingscosmic)

GrouperUnclean mind (Kranky)

Torment & GloryNo Big Crime (Sargent House)

UnderdarkQeres (Surviving Sounds)

SuccumbOkeanos (The Flenser)

UngravenOnwards She Rides to a Certain Death (Black Bow Records)

SlomaticsMonitors (Black Bow Records)

PapanguBacia das Almas (Self-Release)

Essential Sounds: 23.07.21

July 23, 2021

Let this week’s lengthy playlist start a summer holiday of sorts, or at least launch a trip into an imaginary festival without any restrictions, as the current state of affairs is still way too to difficult to navigate, and we really need a brief escape. Enjoy!

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Cave InYouth Overrided (Sony Music)

IlludiumSoma Sema (Prophecy Productions)

MonoRiptide (Pelagic Records)

EskinaWe Were the Moon (Challenge Records)

HortePelko karistaa järjen (Pelagic Records)

MidwifeColorado (The Flenser)

LowDisappearing (Sub Pop)

Alexis MarshallDrink from the Oceans . Nothing Can… (Sargent House)

Desire Marea, GyreStudies in Black Trauma (Izimakade Records)

Moor Mother, lojiiShekere (Self-Release)

Dame AreaLa Doble Luna (Mannequin Records)

Alessandro CortiniLo Specchio (Mute Artists)

HooveriiiWe’re Both Lawyers (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)

Restive PlaggonaSwimming In The Rain (Fleisch Records)

Elektro HafızAli Rodrigez (Ironhand Records)

KutimanGuruji (Siyal Music)

The Holy FamilyChasm Second Part (Rocket Recordings)

DrottThe Marauders (By Norse Music)

GhorotCharioteer of Fire (Self-Release)

God’s BastardTo the Last Standing Village (I, Voidhanger Records)

Essential Sounds: 16.07.21

July 16, 2021

“Sometimes, on a Thursday night (or a Friday morning, or a Saturday afternoon), it turns out that a new track from Iron Maiden is just what’s needed to get your blood pumping. ‘Is the Roadburn Essential Sounds playlist the place for Iron Maiden?’, I pondered. As you’ll see – the conclusion was definitely yes.

“If the mighty Maiden aren’t your bag, there’s plenty more to tickle your fancy this Friday. Enjoy!”

Becky Laverty

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Iron MaidenThe Writing On The Wall (Parlophone Records)

Spirit AdriftForge Your Future (Century Media)

Fawn LimbsNoose Gestures (Roman Numeral Records)

Chat PileRoots Bloody Roots (The Flenser)

Four Stroke BaronFriday Knight (Prosthetic Records)

La FemmeParadigme (Disque Pointu)

Crippled Black PhoenixDead is Dead (Season of Mist)

King WomanBoghz (Relapse Records)

DeathsomniaKatabasis (Ft. Kyle Kimball) (Isolation Rec)

Howlin RainDharma Wheel (Silver Current)

Kurt VileRun Run Run (UMG recordings) (Header image)

MidwifeEnemy (The Flenser)

Lingua IgnotaPerpetual Flame Of Centralia (Sargent House)

Essential Sounds: 02.07.21

July 2, 2021

Dive in to our newly updated Essential Sounds playlist below…

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

King WomanPsychic Wound (Relapse Records)

OutlanderSundowning (Church Road Records)

Year of no LightAlètheia (Pelagic Records) (header image)

White WardDebemur Morti (Eitrin Editions)

AmenraHet Gloren (Relapse Records)

Cloud RatMother Tongue / Glitter Belly (Artoffact Records)

Hellish FormAnother World (Translation Loss Records)

Duma KECannis (Sub Pop)

Perturbator, INVSNExcess (Blood Music)

ZetraLife Melts Away Pt.2 (Children of the Vortex)

Hail Spirit NoirMannequins (Agonia Records)

Hante.Two-Faced Angel (Synth Religion)

Dana DentataDo U Like Me Now? (Roadrunner Records)

Essential Sounds: 25.06.21

June 25, 2021

Who’d guess that one day Sir Tom Jones would kick off our weekly playlist, let alone with a 9 minute spiritual psych exploration? Well… he’s doing exactly that with “Lazarus Man,” and we couldn’t be more excited. This week’s playlist is full of other surprises, too! Enjoy.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Tom JonesLazarus Man (Universal Music)

SpelllingBoys at School (Sacred Bones (header image)

LowDays Like These (Sub Pop Records)

Tropical Fuck StormG.A.F.F. (Joyful Noise Recordings)

ZahnTseudo (Crazysane Records)

DelvingDelving (Stickman Records)

ZementSoil (Crazysane Records)

PolyporesExopheromones (Behind The Sky)

ThiefApple Eaters (Prophecy Productions)

Otay:oniiChild No.22 (WV Sorcerer Productions)

Nuha Ruby RaCruel (Brace Yourself Records)

Backxwash, Michael GoBurn To Ashes (Ugly Hag Records)

Sugar HorseFat Dracula (Small Pond Recordings)

SplinterBrand New Future (Robotor Records)

Cobra ManPowered Up (Cool, Nice)

Green LungLeaders of the Blind (Svart Records)

Comet ControlSecret Life (Tee Pee records)

YagowGetting Through… Is The Where The Magic Happens (Crazysane Records)

Essential Sounds: 18.06.21

June 18, 2021

Thanks to every one of you who ‘likes’ our playlist on Spotify and joins us weekly for the latest offering of Essential Sounds. If you don’t already follow the playlist, please do – it would mean the world! Click through to a freshly picked bunch of new and inspiring tracks!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Lingua IgnotaPennsylvania Furnace (Sargent House)

MJ GuiderGloria: Small Dance of Gratitude (Modemain)

SenyawaGendang Kiamat (Dekoder)

The Body x Big ‡ BraveOh Sinner (Thrill Jockey)

BotanistAntirrhinum (Prophecy Productions)

Health x Tyler Bates x Chino MorenoAnti-Life (Loma Vista Recordings)

Filth is EternalOn The Rake (Church Road Records)

KnollGored Veil (Self-Release)

WormwitchAbracadabra (Prosthetic Records)

Hangman’s ChairCold & Distant (Nuclear Blast)

UnreqvitedFuneral Pyre (Prophecy Productions)

Greg Puciato x Tyler Bates x Gil SharoneNow You’ve Really Done It (Loma Vista Recordings)

Unto OthersWhen Will Gods Work Be Done (Roadrunner Records)

Whispering SonsVision (PIAS)

Sven WunderPentimento (Piano Piano Records)

Essential Sounds: 11.06.21

June 11, 2021

This week’s playlist is straddling the line between hope and fear – hope that the world will open up even further (and that we can fully enjoy the summer); fear that these unprecedented times will keep things restrained. Either way, we have these artists to provide the soundtrack as we navigate forward.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Alasdair Roberts, VölvurThe Green Chapel (Drag City) (Header image)

Esther Ann GoveDead God (Self-Release)

Martha Skye MurphyFound Out (Self-Release)

Jorja ChalmersBring Me Down (Italians Do It Better)

Deathsomnia, SelofanSelf Sabotage – Apocalypse Version (Isolation Rec.)

DeafheavenGreat Mass of Color (Sargent House)

AmenraVoor Immer (Relapse Records)

OdrazaAcedia (Godz Ov War Productions)

Wolves In The Throne RoomMountain Magick (Relapse Records)

InfernoStars Within and Stars Without Pr… (Eitrin Editions)

Den Sorte DødDen Sorte Død (Cyclic Law)

Daniel DaviesOut of the Night (Not Not Fun)

Lustmord, Karin ParkSong of Sol

Acid TwilightMidnight Sun

Wyatt E., Tomer DamskyKol Badai (Self-Release)

Five The HierophantThe Black Waves (Self-Release)

Slow Fire PistolWho Decides (Tripple B Records)

LantlôsMagnolia (Prophecy Productions)

Essential Sounds: 04.06.21

June 4, 2021

The sun is shining (at least, it is here!) and a slew of great artists have announced new albums coming this summer! There’s plenty to look forward to, but also plenty to get stuck into already here on your favourite weekly playlist!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

King WomanMorning Star (Relapse Records)

MidwifeGod is a Cop (The Flenser)

Kælan MiklaÓsýnileg (Artoffact Records)

Hante.Apnée (Synth Religion)

Cold CavePsalm 23 (Heartworm Press)

MicrocorpsUVU (Alter)

Zeal & ArdorRun (Redacted GmbH)

Alexis MarshallHounds In The Abyss (Sargent House)

PusOscuras Intenciones (Self-Release)

SordideJe n’ai nul pays (LADLO)

At The GatesThe Paradox (Century Media)

Cirith UngolRoute 666 (Metal Blade)

Twin TempleBabalon (Self-Release)

Dead Can DanceMushin (Holy Tongue Records)