Roadburn adds over thirty new names to the 2024 lineup including Health, Kavus Torabi, UBOA and a second clipping. set.

Roadburn has today added over thirty new names to the 2024 lineup. Amongst the artists announced is Health who will make a triumphant return to the festival, Kavus Torabi who will perform a specially commissioned project, and a second set for experimental hip hop group, Clipping

These artists – and more – join Blood Incantation who were announced for the festival last week. The Denver-based four piece will perform their ambient album, Timewave Zero, in full, as well as a second set that will encompass tracks from their metal catalogue. 

Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers comments:
“It’s a huge pleasure to finally bring you this extensive announcement. We have been working intensely for such a long time. As we add these artists to the lineup, we can see it beginning to reflect the broad scope and feel of Roadburn 2024, truly showcasing the underground as it is today – varied, innovative and incredibly exciting. 

“We are flying in a lot of these bands from all over for the festival, and we know how daunting it can be for an artist to travel halfway across the world for just one gig. With that in mind, we have asked several of them to play multiple sets. This will help make the most of their time at Roadburn, amplifying their voices as much as possible and giving them a rare chance to fully express themselves through all of their different artistic and musical facets.”

Roadburn 2024 will take place between April 18-21 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Tickets are on sale now. 

Following a mind-blowing performance at Roadburn 2022, Health will return to Tilburg to bring their distinctive sound and unparalleled energy back to the festival – this time on the main stage. With the release of their brand new album Rat Wars propelling them forward, the sky’s the limit for Health.

Clipping. have added a second set – the experimental hip hop trio will now play both Thursday, 18 April and Friday, 19 April, promising that “one will be more of a “party” (more upbeat, dance-floor-ready tracks) and the other will be something darker (more of our harsher, less beat-driven tracks).”

Kavus Torabi – renowned for his work with the likes of Gong, The Utopia Strong, Knifeworld and The Holy Family – will present a commissioned project titled Lion of The Lord’s Elect. This performance will comprise original material, performed for the very first time, commissioned by Roadburn. 

Uboa will be an artist in residence at Roadburn – performing three distinctive sets over the course of the festival. The Australian noise artist will showcase different facets of her creativity across the trio of performances. 

Labelmates Ragana and Drowse will perform a brand new collaborative piece of music titled The Ash from Mount Saint Helens. These two artists both release music under The Flenser label, and are uniting to create a new composition that will premiere at Roadburn. 

Also announced:

  • Alber Jupiter will release a new album in 2024 and promise interstellar kosmische missives galore.
  • The experimental folk and drone of Annelies Monseré is set to leave an impression on Roadburn audiences.
  • After biding their time, Benefits will make their presence felt this coming April..
  • Birds In Row will perform their 2022 album, Gris Klein, in its entirety. 
  • Body Void will return to Roadburn to perform their new release, Atrocity Machine, in full. 
  • After much unavoidable delay, Cult Leader will finally perform A Patient Man at Roadburn this Spring.
  • Krautrock and misty soundscapes collide as Darsombra prepare to take to the stage.
  • The effervescent Deaf Club will make their Roadburn debut 
  • Melancholic, ambient solo artist Kyle Bates aka Drowse will perform his own show as well as the collaboration with Ragana.
  • Eye Flys bring their distinctively caustic sound to Roadburn. 
  • Drawing influence from the bleak tones of a post-industrial Northern England, Forest Swords will bring his spectral soundscapes to life.
  • Making their first foray into Europe, Frail Body will stop by Tilburg to perform tracks from their hotly anticipated new album.
  • Fuck Money are an incomparable band from Austin, TX – bringing their chaotic maelstrom of transgressive audio aggression to our doorstep.
  • The brand new psychedelic, organ-driven sound of Full Earth is heading to Roadburn.
  • Having dominated Europe already this year, Home Front will return with Roadburn in their sights; expect synth-driven post-punk.
  • The acerbic sound of macabre grindcore will make an appearance thanks to Knoll.
  • Industrial beats, apocalyptic noise, and gothic flourishes will all make an appearance during Lana Del Rabies’ Roadburn set
  • Laster will perform their incredible new album, Andermans Mijne, in full.
  • Titillation and transformation are high on the agenda for Patriarchy
  • Having made a huge impact with their latest album, Desolation’s Flower, Ragana will at last make their Roadburn debut.
  • Richard Dawson’s distinctive take on British folk is long overdue an appearance at Roadburn.
  • Royal Thunder will perform two sets at Roadburn; one career-spanning set titled TIME + SPACE + REVIVAL and the other being a run through of their latest magnificent opus, Rebuilding The Mountain.
  • Sunrise Patriot Motion offer up an alluring take on gothic post-punk 
  • New Jersey’s Sunrot will be making their first trip to Europe, starting at Roadburn.
  • Shadowy three piece, Thantifaxath, will bring their angular take on black metal to the festival.
  • After many years, The Bevis Frond will return to Roadburn – having last appeared with their take on psychedelic sonic explorations at the festival back in 2006.
  • Oppressive doom trio Torpor will perform their latest album Abscission in full. 
  • Belgian-based trio Use Knife will present their radiant energy to Roadburn. 

All ticket and accommodation options for Roadburn are now on sale. For all information relating to Roadburn please visit The above artists join The Jesus and Mary Chain, Khanate, Chelsea Wolfe, Clipping., Lankum, Hexvessel, Fluisteraars, Agriculture, Cloakroom, Dodsrit, Devil Master and Mat McNerney who will perform a commissioned project.

Chelsea Wolfe releases ‘Tunnel Lights’

After the first singles “Whispers In The Echo Chamber” and “Dusk”, Chelsea Wolfe released the third single from her forthcoming album ‘She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She’ today. Check out the incredible video by George Gallardo Kattah for ‘Tunnel Lights’ below.

Read more about Chelsea Wolfe at Roadburn

Blood Incantation will make their Roadburn debut in style - performing two sets

Blood Incantation will make their Roadburn debut in style – performing two sets that span the length and breadth of their oeuvre. On Friday, April 19 they will take to the main stage in a haze of lasers and synths to treat us to an exclusive European debut performance of Timewave Zero. The following night they will return to the main stage with a set chock full of progressive death metal bangers. The band describe this adventure in sound as “two nights of cosmic music for cosmic people” and who are we to disagree?
Read more about Blood Incantation and pick up tickets for the festival at
Stand by – we’ll have another 25+ names to announce a week from today.

The Jesus & Mary Chain share new single ‘jamcod’

The Jesus & Mary Chain have just shared their new single ‘jamcod’ from their upcoming album ‘Glasgow Eyes’.

JAMC are a band who have made such an impact on the world within which Roadburn operates, their legend feels outsized, too large to fully comprehend. It is with great pride – and more than a little disbelief – that we’re preparing to welcome The Jesus and Mary Chain to Roadburn 2024.

New Roadburn Essential Stories with Mat McNerney

Mat McNerney is a true Roadburn veteran. Several of his bands have graced our stages throughout the years, including Hexvessel, Beastmilk, and Grave Pleasures, and McNerney is a very important part of the 2024 edition. He has created the very first music of the festival, in a way, with the eerie ambient sounds you heard in the gorgeous David Fitt video and even the intro and outro for this very podcast.

Next April, he will also be a central part of two crucial, already-announced Roadburn performances, namely Hexvessel playing their latest glacial marvel of an album, ‘Polar Veil,’ in its entirety, and a brand new commissioned piece of which we only know the title: ‘Music for Gloaming: A Nocturne by the Hexvessel Folk Assembly.’

Naturally we decided it was absolutely necessary to sit down and talk to Mat properly about all of these things. As usual with this supremely talented artist, we got more than we bargained for, including a few hints and insights on what the commissioned piece might actually look and sound like, even at this early stage of its development.

Listen to the entire conversation on Roadburn Essential Stories at or Spotify.

Tickets on sale now

Tickets are now on sale via our ticketpage

As we have mentioned before, there will be no new lineup announcement prior to this. We are extremely proud of the first names we revealed, as they are a really good indicator of what this edition will actually be, musically and artistically. Right now, we are talking to many bands and artists to try to get them to the festival, and we need to take some time to make our vision a reality.

As we all know, things move slower post-pandemic, but we are sure that the wait and the hard work will be worth it in the end.

Thank you all so much for your patience and for putting your trust in us.

Go to the ticketpage

Ticketing FAQ

Ticketing FAQ

Tickets for Roadburn go on sale soon! If you have questions about tickets or accommodation, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short FAQ – but if you need to know something else before Friday, get in touch.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, 3 November at 7pm CET,6pm GMT, 1pm EST, 10am PST via our ticket page.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, 4 November at 7pm CET,6pm GMT, 1pm EST, 10am PST via our ticket page.

All the ticket options are available to view on the ticket page right here on the Roadburn website. Your purchase will be made via so if you’ve not ordered from them before, you may wish to set up an account ahead of tickets going on sale for a smoother check out.

Accommodation options are also listed here on the Roadburn website, and those transactions will also be processed via You can book your accommodation at the same time as you book your tickets, or make separate purchases. If you are booking accommodation, do be sure to book your festival ticket as well (i.e accommodation packages do not include a ticket).

We are aware that everything is more expensive than it used to be – and we looked into ways that the cost of Roadburn could be spread out over multiple payments. Unfortunately, this is complicated to implement for international visitors due to Dutch regulations and restrictions.  For the time being, our best advice would be to spread the cost yourself – you could book your ticket one month, accommodation the next, then your travel after that. Our regular attendees have a wealth of experience and knowledge about this, so if you want some tips, our Roadburners facebook group will be sure to help you out.

If your questions can’t be answered here or elsewhere on the Roadburn website, then you can always ask us for what you need and we’ll do our best to help!

Roadburn UnLoc - an exclusive Roadburn pre-sale event with Supersonic Blues

Ahead of additional ticket options going on sale we’re holding a party at LOC brewery on November 2 from 8pm. The following day (November 3, 7pm CET) 3-day and single day tickets, plus various accommodation options will be on sale online.

Supersonic Blues will bring their heavy seventies vibes to the party to kick things off in style. For the uninitiated, this band is the embodiment of a lost treasure from the past transported to modern day – think Grand Funk, Josefus, and Blue Cheer reincarnated.

LOC Brewery has a great kitchen, so you can line your stomach, drink some fine craft brews and bang your head. Admission is free!
Day tickets and 3 day tickets will be exclusively on sale at LOC brewery – a full day before they’ll be online.

Roadburn announces first names for 2024 including The Jesus and Mary Chain, Chelsea Wolfe, Lankum and clipping.

Having already announced KHANATE for the 2024 edition of the festival, Roadburn has today made its first broader line up announcement, including THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, CHELSEA WOLFE, LANKUM, and CLIPPING. Roadburn 2024 will take place between 18-21 April in Tilburg, The Netherlands. 

Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers, comments:

“With this announcement, we are diving straight into the heart of what Roadburn 2024 is about. These artists that we are proud to unveil today are all of great significance for what the festival has become in recent times. We feel these artists represent the broad scope of Roadburn. With the first of the commissioned music projects also being revealed, we are as always, looking firmly into the future as well, presenting entirely new music. This is the start of many great things to come.”

It’s simply not possible to capture the true essence of THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN within a few words. They are a band who have made such an impact on the world within which Roadburn operates, their legend feels outsized, too large to fully comprehend. The Jesus and Mary Chain offer up a heady blend of fuzz and melody as a transportation device; whisking us a way to a different time and place of rose-tinted romance, wistful existentialism and just the right dose of hedonism.

Alongside the announcement of a new CHELSEA WOLFE album, we’re thrilled to reveal plans for her return to mainland Europe  – at Roadburn 2024.  In the twelve years since her first Roadburn appearance, this already remarkable artist has blossomed into an unstoppable force. As a songwriter and consummate creative entity incorporating evocative songwriting and unparalleled artistic vision, Chelsea Wolfe wraps the entire package in an ethereal, shimmering bow.

To witness LANKUM live is an intimate experience – no matter the size of the room. The four Irish musicians on stage play a dizzying array of instruments between them and possess a deep understanding of traditional folk, an appreciation of heaviness and deft hand for putting a twist on what has gone before them in the folk genre.

Experimental hip hop trio CLIPPING will make their Roadburn debut in 2024. A force to be reckoned with in the live arena, their minimalist onstage aesthetic belies the sonic complexities that they effuse. Experimenting with confrontation and heaviness within hip hop is part of what makes Clipping so exciting, and to our ears, makes them a band that belongs at the heart of what we do at Roadburn. 

The first commissioned performance of 2024 to be announced will be crafted by the hand of MAT MCNERNEY. Music for Gloaming: A Nocturne by the Hexvessel Folk Assembly will be an entirely original composition, written and performed exclusively at Roadburn 2024. Evoking night-time mysticism, a realm where daylight bows to advancing darkness, unraveling both the external twilight tapestry and the internal landscapes of memory and thought, this commissioned work promises to be something truly special.
Additionally, HEXVESSEL will perform their latest album, Polar Veil in full at Roadburn 2024. On this striking release, a majestic shroud of black metal grandiosity is overlaid upon heaving doom and psychedelic flourishes that capture what is at the heart of Hexvessel. 

Los Angeles based ecstatic black metal group, AGRICULTURE, will make their European debut at Roadburn, flying in for an exclusive one-off performance.

Mysterious Dutch black metal band, FLUISTERAARS will play their second ever show – their first in mainland Europe – at Roadburn, showcasing what has made them such an integral part of the underground black metal scene for so many years. 

CLOAKROOM will bring their particular take on interplanetary exploration to Tilburg, playing tracks from their latest album, Dissolution Wave and more. 

With the promise of a new album on the horizon, melancholic black metallers DÖDSRIT will return to Roadburn this coming April.

Delivering a dose of bloodsoaked blasphemy, DEVIL MASTER will make their Roadburn debut, traveling from Philadelphia to bring their malevolent magick to the masses.

The artwork for Roadburn 2024 has been unveiled; a striking video created by French artist, David Fitt is available to view in full via the Roadburn website. This extraordinarily talented French artist has been on our radar for some time now, and we had the great honour of hosting an exhibition of his portraits at Roadburn 2023. From there our appreciation for his work blossomed into a creative relationship that has resulted in the work that we’re thrilled to present to represent the 2024 edition of the festival. Read more about David’s artwork for Roadburn HERE.

4-day tickets for Roadburn 2024 are now on sale. Other ticket options – including single day tickets and accommodation – will follow on November 3. More artists will be announced in the coming weeks. For all information including tickets, please visit

Roadburn 2024 by David Fitt

We’re delighted to unveil the official Roadburn 2024 visual artwork courtesy of David Fitt.

This extraordinarily talented French artist has been on our radar for some time now, and we had the great honour of hosting an exhibition of his portraits at Roadburn 2023. From there our appreciation for his work blossomed into a creative relationship that has resulted in the work that we’re thrilled to present today.

The video that David has crafted with Roadburn in mind captures the essence of the Roadburn community; highlighting the beauty of its strength, inclusivity and unity. When we look at what David has skillfully put together, we see the heart of Roadburn reflected back at us. It’s truly something to behold, so much of what we work towards is right there in the artwork.

Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise to us – having admired his work from afar for so long, we’re well aware of his wealth of talent. Having been gifted his first camera as a teenager, it took a few years for his interest in the medium to truly flourish. His videographic work with Perturbator and Grave Pleasures caught our eye and invited us into his technicolour world. His style is a continuation of the incredible French artists that have gone before him – painters, photographers and cinematographers alike – capturing both the dreamlike and hyper-real in one meticulously sculpted portfolio of work.

It’s a privilege to have David be a part of Roadburn 2024, please take a few moments to explore what he’s created just for us.

Music by Mat McNerney