Essential Sounds: 25.09.20

September 25, 2020

This week’s playlist has a couple of repeat appearances – not because we’ve run out of things too share, but more because some things warrant a repeat airing. Sometimes life moves so fast that it makes dawdling a little bit a pleasure – at least, I think so! There’s some brand new tracks in there too of course, and hopefully something to pique your interest.


If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

SvalbardOpen Wound (Church Road records)

Emma Ruth Rundle, ThouThe Valley (Sacred Bones)

Kurt Vile & John PrineHow Lucky (Matador Records)

Anna von HausswolffPersefone (Southern Lord)

Lingua IgnotaJolene (Sargent House)

Henrik PalmGiven Demon (Svart Records)

Four Stroke BaronMean Mr. Mustard (Prosthetic Records)

Soft KillRoses All Around (Cercle Social Records)

Crippled Black PhoenixLost (Season of Mist)

MJ GuiderSimulus (Kranky)

Essential Sounds: 18.09.20

September 18, 2020

This week’s lengthy playlist is quite an exploration into the unknown. It’s a culmination of the many styles and sounds that keep us going, but it’s also a massive nod to the artists and bands that defy uncertain times by giving us hope through their artistry. Thank you all so much for keeping us inspired – or even sane! Without you, we would be lost.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

ShortparisKoKoKo (Universal Music)

штадт (Stadt) – Особь без лица (HNWA)

White Hills, Jim JarmuschIllusion (Self Release)

SelofanThere Must Be Somebody (Fabrika Records)

Manuela IwanssonStrangers On A Train (PNKSLM Recordings)

HealthCyberpunk (Loma Vista Recordings)

War On WomenWonderful Hell (Bridge Nine Records)

AudnLjóstyra (Season of Mist)

ArmageddaEvigheten i en obrytbar cirkel (Nordvis)

ThreestepstotheoceanNotte In Pieno Giorno (Antigony Records)

Thousand Foot Whale ClawThe Garden from Above (Holodeck)

KalandraSlow Motion (By Norse Music)

Kjell BraatenØstavind (By Norse Music)

Lili RefrainGula (Narcotica)

The HeliocentricsLight in the Dark (Madlib Invazion)

Apache SunBroken Branches (30th Century Records)

DeradoorianSaturnine Night (Anti)

NordmannCryptonym (Unday Records)

Motor!kHeadlights (Out of Line Music)

BergetonLambo (Meus Records)

Pedro AugustoFormnt9 (Self Release)

Track Premiere: IJdelheid - Inside You

August 26, 2020

Ahead of its release, we’re excited to bring you the premiere for “Inside You, a brand new track, taken from IJdelheid’s debut-EP, ‘God Must Love Me’, which will be out on cassette this Friday, 28 August through Tartarus Records. IJdelheid is Ruben Wijlacker’s intimate vehicle to explore atmospheric dream folk, contrary to his playful yet sometimes schizophrenic take on black metal when he’s fronting Grey Aura.

Much like Grey Aura, IJdelheid (i.e. vanity) is very disquieting too, but in its own, brooding way, eliciting a melancholic feeling completely at odds with the lyrical themes of transgression, sexual violence and murder. Be it a deadly relationship between two lovers, and the metaphorical rejection and silencing of one’s darkest desires – Wijlacker doesn’t shy away from the dark and sinful prospects of life nor questioning religion.

Featuring guest vocals by Firoza Mulahella (who is one of Wijlacker‘s closest friends), ‘Inside You’ sees an “incarcerated man, fantasizing about a woman”, says the multi-talented Wijlacker. “It was written during October 2019, but this seems to be a fitting time to release it. With the current regulations regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, our physical contact with other human beings is extremely limited: often, we cannot touch those whom we love, and will have no choice but to withdraw into our own fantasies. As our longing intensifies, fantasies grow stronger. Our feelings of love, backed by a growing fear of abandonment and emotional starvation, may turn sour. We may want to claim our loved ones and hold them close, only to affirm our own existence and self-worth.”

Essential Sounds: 21.08.20

August 21, 2020

The best ideas are spontaneous ones, surely… the ones that come from a spark of inspiration and a sense of collaboration. Somewhere, way back when (it feels like a lifetime ago), we invited Thou to be our 2019 Artists In Residence, and they proposed a collaborative set with firm festival favourite, Emma Ruth Rundle.

We were thrilled at the thought of Emma lending her vocals to some Thou songs, or perhaps Thou adding the weight of their sound to Emma’s music, but what they magicked up – behind the scenes and both before and after the festival was something even more monumental than that. A true collaboration, a spiritual, creative and communal meeting of minds spawned a collection of original material which is now on its way to being ushered out into the world.

It’s been a labour of love, no doubt, and it’s feels like it’s been a long time coming, but Thou and Emma’s collaborative album ‘May Our Chambers Be Full’ is due for release this October. The first track is streaming now, giving a glimpse into the fuzzed out, sludged out majesty of the rest of the album; it seemed only fitting that we kick off this week’s playlist with that track – “Ancestral Recall. I’ve ordered my copy already – and if you want to do so too, click HERE.

As ever, the rest of the playlist is a collection of songs that have piqued our interest, stoked our creativity and kept us sane over the last seven days. Perhaps you’ll discover something new or reconnect with an old favourite. Either way, dive in…

Becky Laverty.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Emma Ruth Rundle & ThouAncestral Recall (Sacred Bones)

SvalbardListen To Someone (Holy Roar)

The OceanOligocene (Metal Blade)

ConvocationThe Abscence of Grief (Self-Release)

AudnEldborg (Season of Mist)

Vous AutresOnde (Season of Mist)

MolassessDeath Is (Season of Mist)

Kairon; IRSE!White Flies (Svart Records)

LucidvoxKnife (Glitterbeat Records)

Ho99o9, Mike IXFirefly Family (Toys Have Powers)

UniformDispatches from the Gutter (Sacred Bones Records)

ServoI (Fuzz Club Records)

Restive PlaggonaServed Cold (Several Minor Promises)

R. ElizabethBack from Ten (Night School)

Deaf Kids, RaktaMiragemAo vivo (Selo Sesc)

J Zunz33:33 (Rocket Recordings)

Les MarquisesLa Battue (Les Disques Normal)

TempersThe Use Of My Belonging (Dais Records)

Sky CivilianFloating In A Dream (Atomnation)

Pye Corner AudioSelf Synchronise (Lapsus Records)

Video Premiere: Kairon; IRSE!: White Flies

August 19, 2020

Born out of an expanding consciousness, Finnish freakout fusion explorers Kairon; IRSE! defy space and time, bringing multicolored dreams into a new dimension on their upcoming album, Polysomn, which will be released on September 11 via Svart Records.

Led by Oranssi Pazuzu’s Niko Lehdontie, Polysomn sees the band futuristically journeying through your cerebral cortex, reshaping prog, post rock, acid folk, fuzz, and dreamscapes – all at the same time. It’s the natural continuation of Kairon IRSE!’s ongoing evolution into sparkling luminaries of the European psychedelic post-rock scene.

We’re thrilled to present Kairon; IRSE!’s new single here today – White Flies. Offered as a video designed and generated by Lionel ‘Vinyl’ Williams, White Flies and its accompanying kosmische visuals have us going interstellar to fully embrace Kairon; IRSE!’s euphoric bliss.

If you’re ready to dive right in, we strongly recommend preordering Polysomn, otherwise, we’ll see you drifting along in this mind-altering and visionary universe.

Essential Sounds: 14.08.20

August 14, 2020

There sure is a lot of bands releasing cover versions at the moment; some hit the mark some are… questionable.

Over the years, THOU have spoiled us with a wide variety of cover songs, and those of you present during their Misfits set at Roadburn 2019 can confirm that they bring their own distinct energy to the songs of others. Today they have released an album of various covers from the likes of Pearl Jam, Black Sabbath and Shellac… and we couldn’t resist kicking off this week’s Essential Sounds playlist with one of theirs…

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

ThouFourth of July (Robotic Empire)

SvalbardListen To Someone (Holy Roar)

Holy Fawnhf:/LHPN/seer/REF2.alt (Tripple Crown Records)

The Devil’s TradeThe Call of the Iron Peek (Season of Mist)

Teethgrynder feat. Richey BeckettOrnament (Self-Release)

Orville PeckFancy (Columbia Records)

Future IslandsThrill (4AD)

Sólveig MatthildurLast Date (Artoffact Records)

Rope Sect feat. Mat McNerneyPrison Of You (Self-Release)

PallbearerRite of Passage (Nuclear Blast)

Alexis MarshallNature In Three Movements (Sargent House)

Primitive ManConsumption (Relapse Records)

DumaLionsblood (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

Deaf Kids, PetbrickSweet-Drenched Wreck (Rocket Recordings)

BarstConspiracy for a Cvlt Nation (Consouling Sounds)

Roadburn: No Harvest - Communal playlist

August 12, 2020

We might not have, for the moment, the instant, up-close fix of Roadburn spirit that are the many live shows where our wonderful community gathers as one, but we can keep sharing great music with each other in other ways. So let’s venture forth together through sun-drenched farmlands, breezy woods darkening under cloudy skies and even the odd decadent urban scenario with our new communal playlist on Spotify, Roadburn: No Harvest!

These days, perhaps more than ever before, we are constantly being amazed by artists, many of them far from widely known, that are simultaneously on the outskirts and also at the forefront of what it means to be “heavy.” From moody singer/songwriters to shadowy practitioners of dark folk, from purveyors of twisted and reimagined Americana to genuine country troubadours, they are redefining emotional and sonic heaviness every day.

So come on, pick up your metaphorical hoe, walk the endless fields with us and help us reap the (no) harvest, unearthing all the best contemporary artists and turning this into a true radio for the fringes, build by our community!

Please note: Roadburn: No Harvest is defined by dark folk, Americana, singer/songwriters and country balladiers only.

Video Premiere: Sólveig Matthildur - Last Date

August 10, 2020

There are better ways to start the week than being dumped, that’s for sure. However, if bad news is inevitable, there are few sweeter ways for it to be delivered than by Sólveig Matthildur.

We’re thrilled to bring you the premiere of the video for her most recent single, Last Date. Much like her other solo work, Last Date elicits a melancholic feeling totally at odds with the way it prompts an urge to dance; somehow the two moods work together perfectly. Sólveig tells us:

“I wrote Last Date a year ago.  It’s the soundtrack of the smile you squeeze through your tears at the discotek. The struggle of choosing between options that will equally hurt. It’s the first track I worked on with Baldur Hjörleifsson. I’m really grateful for him and his work.”

The video features Sólveig – looking every inch the movie star – deliberating over the difficult choice. Of the video she elaborates further:

“The video is recorded and edited by Dean Kemball and Kinnat Sóley. We rented a hotel room in Leipzig at and shot the whole video there. In the video I am having a date with someone which will, sadly, be the last one.”

We consider ourselves long term fans of Sólveig – both in the company of her bandmates as part of Kælan Mikla, and as a free-wheeling solo artist, forging her own path. The track can be streamed via Spotify or downloaded via Bandcamp – where you can also pick up Sólveig earlier releases, including 2019’s Constantly In Love album which is a firm favourite here at Roadburn HQ.

Essential Sounds: 7.08.20

August 7, 2020

Today is another day when Bandcamp are waiving their fees to support labels and artists during the pandemic. There are many artists that will welcome the extra support if you can spare the money to buy their music today.

Our playlist today is – as ever – a collection of songs that have inspired, motivated and otherwise kept us going over the past week or so. Maybe today they’ll give you a spark to support artists on Bandcamp, but if not, there’s still pleasure to be found with these new tracks! If you find something you love – share it!

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

SólstafirAkkeri (Season of Mist)

BriquevilleAkte XIII (Pelagic Records)

KhemmisDown In A Hole (Magnectic Eye Records)

MotorpsychoThe Same Old Rock (One Must Imagine…) (Stickman Records)

PolymoonHelicaling (Svart Records)

Shaman ElephantH.M.S: Death, Rattle and Roll (Karisma Records)

AdvertismentAlways (Patchwork Fantasy)

L.A. WitchGen-Z (Suicide Squeeze Records)

The Lemon TwigsMoon (4AD)

Osi And The JupiterAppalachia (Eisenwald)

Paul OskaLong Lives Are Lost (Self-Release)

Steve Von Till Wild Iron (Neurot Recordings)

The Ocean GreysFeeling Like New (Self-Release)

Kira McSpiceLoon (Self-Release)

German ArmyZoulou Danse (Crash Symbols)

Dame BonnetPortamento (Höga Nord Records)

Shit And Shine Hillbilly Moonshine (Rocket Recordings)

Jaye JayleI Need You (Sargent House)

HifiklubMedicine Dream (Parallel Factory)

Essential Sounds: 31.07.20

July 31, 2020

We decided not to hold back with this week’s lengthy playlist… and suggest that you do the same when listening. Let this collection of songs guide you through all the pitfalls we’re currently facing, while discovering some new favorites along the way.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Crippled Black PhoenixCry of Love (Season of Mist)

Death BellsHeavily Bodies (Dais Records)

Four Stroke BaronLungs (Prosthetic Records)

MastodonFallen Torches (Reprise Records)

RealizeDisappear (Relapse Records)

Torn RelicsRestrained Faith Leyla Records)

Vous AutresVesuve (Season of Mist)

J. ZunzFour Woman and Darkness (Rocket Recordings)

Anna Von HauswolffSacro Bosco (Southern Lord)

Bing & RuthI Had No Dream (4AD)

Brockmann // BargmannElement (8MM Music)

Ora CoganFixe (Prism Tongue Records)

Annie BarbazzaYs (MaracashRecords)

Matt ElliotFarewell to All we Know (Ici, d’ailleurs)

Bill Callahan35 (Drag City)

Courtney Marie AndrewsHow You Get Hurt (Fat Possum Records)

The Secret SistersLate Bloomer (New West Records)

BdrmmPush / Pull (Sonic Cathedral)

TesaIV (My Proud Mountian)

Shaman ElephantWide Awake but Still Asleep (Karisma Records)

Neptunian MaximalismNganga (I, Voidhanger Records)

SumacThe Iron Chair (Thrill Jockey)