Live Stream: A.A.Williams - Thursday, 2 July at 8pm CEST

June 30, 2020

We’re big fans of A.A. Williams here at Roadburn – in fact, she played her very first live show with us at Roadburn 2019! This week, on the eve of the release of her debut album, Forever Blue she will be performing live for us again.

She will actually be playing two sets – one via her label’s Facebook page, and one with a full band for us, on OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Tune in this Thursday (2 July) at 8pm CEST, 7pm BST, 2pm EDT for what is sure to be yet another captivating performance.

Essential Sounds: 26.06.20

June 26, 2020

Despite the strange and unprecedented times we’re living in, summer is here – and with it comes a whole slew of new releases that will be the soundtrack to these warmer days. Whether these songs help you face adversity, provide an escape, or just have you pining for the familiar surroundings of gigs and festivals, hopefully there’s something new to inspire you in here.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

UniformDelco (Sacred Bones)

Special InterestAll Tomorrow’s Carry (Night School / Thrilling Living)

Yves Tumor, Hirakish, Napolian & ANTHEMApplaud (Warp Records)

Compro Oro music, Murat Ertel & Esma ErtelValley of Disbelief (Sdban Ultra / N.E.W.S.)

The DevonnsBlood Red Blues (Portest Song) (Record Kicks)

Bo NingenKyutai (Alcopop! Records)

SaultStop Dem (Forever Living Originals)

Four Stroke BaronBurning Skies (Prosthetic Records)

Love-SongsDas Labyrinth (Bureau B)

AuragraphLinear (Hiraeth Records)

AutoteliaFloating Island of The Gods (Rocket Recordings)

HUMIn The Den (Earth Analog Records)

A.A. WilliamsLove and Pain (Bella Union)

Bell Witch & Aerial RuinHeaven Torn Low II (The Toll) (Profound Lore)

PyrrhonThe Lean Years (Willowtip Records)

Mr. BungleUSA (Ipecac Recordings)

Hang YouthKKKLM (Burning Fik)

Regional Justice CenterKKK Tattoo (Closed Casket Activities)

Full of HellLanguage of Moten Cherubs (Relapse Records)

ArcNonbinary (XL Recordings)

Essential Sounds: 19.06.20

June 19, 2020

It’s bittersweet to see new music coming into the world from artists that we would have been welcoming at Roadburn this year. It’s a great feeling to see those bands flourishing despite everything going on in the world right now, but painful to know that it will likely be several more months til we experience the joy of seeing this new music played live. To tide us over for the next week at least, we’ve put together a new playlist which features some such artists. Dive in.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Vile CreatureGlory! Glory! (Prosthetic Records)

Vile CreatureApathy Took Helm (Prosthetic Records)

Primitive ManThe Lifer (Relapse Records)

DrouthA Crown of Asphodels (Translation Loss Records)

Rebel WizardThe Mind is Not Your Friend (Prosthetic Records)

Hail Spirit NoirThe First Ape on New Earth (Agonia Records)

Jaye Jayle Don’t Blame The Rain (Sargent House)

Hilary WoodsN.I.B. (Sacred Bones)

Sólveig MatthildurWindow (Artoffact Records)

Tales of Murder and DustFragile Absolutes (Christian Sinding Søndergaard/HPNG)

Gösta Berlings SagaBasement Traps (InsideOut Music)

Sven WunderNorth Wind Rattles the Leaves (Piano Piano Records)

Hayvanlar AlemiKuşkonmaz MMXVII (Narcotica)

Essential Sounds: 12.06.20

June 12, 2020

Let this week’s lengthy playlist be your refuge, or at least offer some contemplation. There’s a bit much to take in at the moment – the times they are a-changin’ indeed.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Bob DylanThe Times They Are A-Changin’ (Sony / BMG)

The Devil’s TradeDead Sister (Season of Mist)

Disheveled CussOh My God (Sargent House)

Maggot HeartJustine (Self Release)

Popular MusicThe Way Love Used To Be (Sanitarium Sound)

The Criminal WorldBlood Money (Cercle Social Records)

Pale HoneyKiller Scene (Bolero Records)

A.A. WilliamsBe Quiet And Drive – Deftones Cover (Bella Union)

Soho RezanejadThe Private Nature (Silicone Records)

August Muller & Boy HarsherTaste of Metal (Nude Club)

ZombiEarthscraper (Relapse Records)

OCHBaum Baur (Rocket Recordings)

The Vintage CaravanPsychedelic Mushroom Man (Self Release)

Mercury BoysApollo Phoenix Rising (Who Can You Trust? Records)

ThouSupernaut (Sacred Bones Records)

ArmageddaGuds Kadaver (En falks Messias) (Nordvis)

Paysage D’HiverIm Winterwald (Kunsthall Produktionen)

Bell Witch & Aerial RuinThe Bastard Wind (Profound Lore)

Enslaved's Chronicles of the Northbound Fan-Picked Set List: Vote Now!

June 9, 2020

As announced last week, dear friends of Roadburn, Enslaved, will embark on their ‘Cinematic Summer Tour’ – a series of shows, but with a twist! You can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home. We have teamed up with them for a very special event on July 30th which they’ve titled ‘Chronicles of the Northbound’ – as a celebration of a rich and varied back catalogue, they will be performing a fan-picked set list.

Voting is only open for a few days so be quick to have your say! Voting will close on Friday 12 June at midnight.

STREAM THE EVENT HERE on 30th July at 7pm BST / 8pm CEST.

Roadburn‘s Artistic Director Walter stated:
“From their impromptu headlining slot at Roadburn 2008 to being an artist in residence, and Ivar as our co-curator (along with Einar Selvik), there has always been a very strong, palpable connection between Enslaved and Roadburn – artistically, musically and personally. Being able to support Enslaved on this Cinematic Summer Tour, and hosting their Chronicles Of The Northbound performance makes us feel humble, and proud as well, as it’s a testimony to our everlasting friendship. Plus, it will keep much needed shows going in these testing times, albeit virtual. It will keep us feel alive, and fuels our strength to overcome the horrible adversity we’re currently facing. Thank you so much for offering us hope and comfort through your musical journey of discovery, Enslaved.”

Enslaved frontman Grutle Kjellson commented:
“Dear fans, first of all, thanks for the absolutely overwhelming response and excitement in connection with our latest escapades! Through hard work and cunning planning (yes, we do make cunning plans in Norway too), we have been able to set up no less than three streaming events. They will be shows with full production, and they will all be free to watch! The first one of the events “Chronicles Of The Northbound” will take place July 30th in collaboration with the mighty Roadburn Festival! This set contains songs from all eras of our 29 year long career, and we’ll invite YOU to join us in the selection of the songs! From the 9th until the 12th of June you can vote for 5 songs HERE.
Bonus: you can have as many beers as you want, act as insane as you want (headbanging, mosh pits etc.) without being kicked out of the concert hall. You might get into trouble with your landlord, but I’m sure they’ll understand in the end. So, stay home, stay healthy and keep the flame alive! See you all online at July 30th!”

We’ll remind you nearer the time to tune in for this special show, and hopefully we can follow Grutle‘s advice and bang our heads together, even if we’re geographically apart!

Cinematic Summer Tour information:

For this forward-thinking concept, Enslaved are joining forces with three festivals, to present fans with three different shows:
July 30th – in cooperation with Roadburn, the tour launches with a ‘Chronicles Of The Northbound’ show. Fans can VOTE NOW to choose their favourite Enslaved songs to help create a career spanning set.

August 20th – the second show will be a “Below The Lights” set, presented by Beyond The Gates festival.

September 30th – the band will end their virtual tour at Summer Breeze festival with a presentation of some new songs, for “Utgard – The Journey Within”.
Guitarist Ivar stated: “‘We must stick apart’ is a proverb of Discordianism (a religion I might or might not have just made up) that might fit the situation we are all in now. We are all isolated in various degrees; and we all miss live music. So, we have stuck apart and with our fantastic team of super-people in management, label and booking, plus three of our best friends who happen to be the very creme de la creme of European Festivals; we are now able to present this digital festival-tour. We are already hard at work preparing sets and shows that will make this one for the (e-)books. Thank you for your support, faith in us and patience – to have fans like you is an absolute privilege. See you in the ether!”

Each digital concert will be accompanied by different fringe events. More will be revealed about these with each individual event announcement!

All shows will be streamed HERE.

To give everyone the chance to be part of this completely novum in music, all three shows will be free of charge.

Essential Sounds: 05.06.20

June 5, 2020

With Bandcamp waiving their fee today to support artists in these testing times, we’re offering a playlist to encourage, heal and strengthen our artistic community – bands and fans alike. Hopefully we’re offering a moment of complementation too.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Run The JewelsPulling The Pin (fat. Mavis Staples & Josh Homme) (Jewel Runners / BMG)

BackxwashGod Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out of It (Grimalkin Records)

Kairon: IRSE!An Bat None (Svart Records)

WardrunaLyfjaberg (Fimbulljod / Sony)

Memnon SaAliakmon (Holy Mountain)

Ami DangSatnam Waheguru (leaving Records)

Jonathan BreeIn the Sunshine (Self Release)

Trees SpeakBlame Shifter (Soul Jazz Records)

AnthroprophhToo Old (Rocket Recordings)

TesaControl 1 (My Proud Mountain)

Spirit PossesionSpirit Possesion (Profound Lore)

ThouIn Bloom (Robotic Empire)

Inter ArmaMarch of the Pigs (Relapse Records)

Backxwash, MalldateInto The Void (Grimalkin Records)

Essential Sounds: 29.05.20

May 29, 2020

This week’s playlist is a real joint effort – a combination of what both of us (Walter & Becky) have been listening to – plus a couple of solid suggestions from good friends to add to the mix.
As a consequence, our combined favourite tunes of the last seven days makes for quite a lengthy playlist.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Orville PeckNo Glory In The West (Sub Pop Records / Colombia Records)

Rome + Alan AverillÄchtung Baby (Trisol Music Group)

Jason Molina MusicShadow Answers the Wall (Secretly Canadian)

Lindy-Fay HellaOtherworld (Ván Records)

Keeley ForsythButterfly (Self Release)

Louise LemónForever Alone (Icons Creating Evil Art)

Zola JesusChanges (Sacred Bones)

Vile CreatureWhen The Path is Unclear (Prosthetic Records)

Imperial TriumphantRotted Futures (Century Media)

Living GateThe Delusion of Consciousness (Relapse Records)

XibalbaSanta Muerte (Southern Lord)

UnreqvitedCrystal Cascade (Porphecy Productions)

EnslavedHomebound (Nuclear Blast)

ValkyrieFeeling so Low (Relapse Records)

RRRagsMessin’ (Lay Bare Recordings)

Four Stroke BaronMean Mr. Mustard (Prosthetic Records)

Black Market BrassN.B.T. (Colemine Records)

Sven WunderRed Rose (Piano Piano Records)

Amnesia ScannerAS Tearless (feat. Lalita) (PAN)

Shilpa RayManic Pixie Dream Cunt (Self Release)

DaufødtEt eller annet radikalt (Fysisk Format)

The Blue Angel LoungeWounds (8MM Music)

SDH – Semiotics Department Of HeteronymsNo Miracles (Avant! Records)

The Soft Pink TruthSo (Thrill Jockey)

Track Premiere: Mercury Boys - Atlas Falling

May 26, 2020

Orange Sunshine worshippers rejoice! The very soul of the heavy ’70s is only a magickal tab away, says your captain. Dubbed Mercury Boys, this straight-up dose of acid is proto-everything, whether it’s the righteous blowout in shades of Blue Cheer or MC5, or the glorification of get-up and get-down boogie – BEHOLD lizard brain rock! Mercury Boys takes a direct hit at your primal survival instincts like their legendary predecessors.

Mind you, this is no cheap thrill. This is a proper banger. The band, helmed by niche-legend Guy Tavares – along with Timothy Aarbodem of Supersonic Blues on guitar and bass, and Germany’s own Janik Ruß (guitar) and Christian Dräger (drums), both of Ragged Barracudas – are the most honest and dedicated purveyors of no bullshit swag known to this scene, period!

Dedicated to beloved Orange Sunshine guitarist Arthur Van Berkel, who sadly passed away two years ago, Mercury Boys‘ debut EP, Return To Cinders, is out June 1 via Who Can You Trust? Records.

Ahead of its release, we premiere opener ‘Atlas Falling’, which is, according to the amicable JJ Koczan of The Obelisk, “shoving and stomping at the outset,” and dripping with a no holds barred, raw attitude.

Miss it and you’ll pass up that feeling of unearthing a long sought after gem.

Artwork: Adam Burke.

Essential Sounds: 22.05.20

May 22, 2020

Maybe you’re already sick of talk about ‘the new normal’, and maybe you’d really rather just go back to how things were before. It’s true that there’s no real replacement for the electricity of a live show, but if anything was going to come close, surely it’s gotta be that Oranssi Pazuzu show last weekend?!

So, there are still moments of joy to be found, even if they’re not quite the moments of joy we’ve been used to for so many years. And many, many bands are continuing to release music which promise more moments of joy going into the future too. Some bands have ploughed ahead with already planned releases and some have rummaged around in the B-sides drawer to magick up some long forgotten gems, or they’ve hastily recorded a new demo – all to conjure up additional moments of joy.

There’s plenty to be found if you go looking, which is exactly what we did! I was tempted – in the spirit of the B-sides/cover versions resurgence – to throwback to 2002 and put Paradise Lost‘s cover of Small Town Boy in here… but maybe we’ll save that for another week.

Until then… dive in!

Perfume Genius Your Body Changes Everything (Matador)

A.A. WilliamsMelt (Bella Union)

MidwifeC.R.F.W. (The Flenser)

Jaye JayleGuntime (Sargent House)

GarganjuaThe Fallen Pt.1 (Holy Roar)

Paradise LostGhosts (Nuclear Blast)

Old Man GloomWrath of the Weary (Profound Lore)

SlumpDesire Death Drifter (Self Release)

ZombiBreakthrough & Conquer (Relapse Records)

Drab MajestyNo Rain (Dais Records)

Carpenter Brut, Yann LingerManiac (No Quater Prod)

Essential Sounds: 15.05.20

May 15, 2020

Lose yourself in this week’s massive playlist as it will transport you to another world – a sacred place where it’s safe and sound. A moment of tranquility, or a time to simply rock out; like the real world that we love and cherish so much. Please don’t despair, we’ll be getting there albeit slowly, and not without hurdles, but this is the soundtrack to keep track of better things to come.

If you want to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Mrs. PissKnelt (Sargent House)

Hilary WoodsThe Mouth (Sacred Bones)

Steve Von TillDreams of Trees (Neurot Recordings)

Triptykon (Official) & Metropole OrkestWinter – Requiem, Chapter Three: Finale
(Prowling Death Records / Century Media)

Lucid DreamsHallucinogenics (The Stone Tapes)

I Break HorsesDeath Engine (Bella Union)

KaSolitude of Enoch (Iron Works Records)

BackxwashBlack Magic (Self Release)

Masterpiece MachineLetting You in on a Secret (Tripple B Records)

Fire-ToolzIt’s Now safe to Turn Off Your Computer (Self Release)

Mong TongChakra (GuruGuru Brain)

Sex SwingGarden of Eden / 2000 AD (Rocket Recordings)

Tan CologneStrange God

Carver BarondaIf Nothing Else Comes Along (Labrador)

Inter ArmaSouthern Man (Relapse Records)

SplinterTake No More (Self Release)

Mrs. PissDowner Surrounded by Uppers (Sargent House)

Maggot HeartMercy Machine (Rapid Eye)

The Ballet BombsOh, Girl! (Self Release)

HorisontRunaway (Century Media)