Mono, Myrkur: Folkesange, Marissa Nadler, and more added to Roadburn 2019

October 25, 2018


The Japanese post-rock four piece will celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, and the 10th anniversary of of their iconic album Hymn to the Immortal Wind with a full album set at Roadburn 2019. They will be joined on stage by the Jo Quail Quartet, adding another layer of lush instrumentation to their intricate tracks. Lindberg comments: “It is with great pride I present them as a part of my curation this year.”

In addition, Lindberg has chosen three further bands for his curated event. AGRIMONIA – who Lindberg loosely describes as “a more progressive Amebix” –  plus Swedish dynamic prog outfit GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA have also been confirmed. Rounding out the new additions is ORCHESTRA OF CONSTANT DISTRESS – a hybrid of Brainbombs and Skull Defekts.

Read more about MONO and the Jo Quail Quartet HERE
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Read more about Orchestra of Constant Distress HERE


Myrkur: Folkesange will bring some folk magic to the main stage as she is accompanied by musicians including Heilung‘s Christopher Juul, and celebrated cellist Jo QuailFolkesange brings together both traditional Nordic folk songs, as well as her own original compositions in a mesmerising swirl of ethereal darkness.

Read more about Myrkur: Folkesange HERE


Darkness comes in many forms, and one of the most beautiful we’ve witnessed this year is on the tracks of Marissa Nadler’s latest album, For My Crimes. We’re thrilled that she will bring these songs – and more – to life, on the Roadburn stage this coming April.

Read more about Marissa Nadler HERE


Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann will see Portuguese psych masters team up with a free jazz legend.
Bliss Signal will be fusing the jagged edges of blast beats and black metal with the hypnotic tremors of dark electronics.
Bossk will perform Audio Noir in full.
Crypt Trip are a righteous trip back to days when acid-tinged rock was both exciting and thriving on attitude and energy.
Deaf Kids combine D-beat, and psychedelia with their South American roots.
Deaf Kids x Petbrick will team up to deliver audio chaos.
Malokarpatan offer a mix of the best classic heavy metal with an oblique take on black metal.
Morne will deliver a crushing dose of sludge.
Mythic Sunship saxophonist are poised to deliver a set as iconic as their Another Shape of Psychedelic Music album.
Petbrick mix together crushing electronics with grinding drum violence, featuring Iggor Cavalera.
Rakta bring post punk, death rock, psych and just good old noisy garage rock’n’roll.
Stuck In Motion prove there’s vibrancy in classic forms
Territoire performing Alix in full.
The End is the new project of saxophonist Mats Gustafsson, bringing chaos and beauty to the Roadburn stage.


For 12 years now, Holy Roar Records have been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) releasing a steady stream of incredible albums. The label has become home to some of the most exciting rising bands around and we’re thrilled to team up with the label to bring you five of their brightest stars for Holy Roar x Roadburn.

On Friday, April 12, the Hall of Fame venue will play host to the unapologetic abrasiveness of Svalbard, the sonic alchemy of Pijn, the nihilistic post-metal of Conjurer, the genre-bending delights of Secret Cutter, and the label’s newest recruit, the haunting A.A.Williams

Read more about Holy Roar x Roadburn HERE

Single day tickets will go on sale on Thursday, December 13. Weekend tickets are on sale now!

Tickets are be priced as follows:
3 days ticket (Thu-Sat) €181 + €4,50 service fee
4 days ticket (Thu-Sun) €204 + €4,50 service fee
Day ticket (Thu, Fri or Sat€62 + €4,50 service fee
Sunday ticket €55,50 + €4,50 service fee

Click here for more ticketing information

Holy Roar x Roadburn

For 12 years now, Holy Roar Records have been quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) releasing a steady stream of incredible albums. Remaining fiercely independent, with an eager ear to the ground, the label has become home to some of the most exciting rising bands around.

Once they’d caught our eye, and the idea for this label showcase quickly picked up pace and soon we were faced with some difficult choices. It wasn’t so much that we couldn’t choose which bands to feature, more that there were so many that it felt cruel to leave some behind. Such is the depth of the bands on offer to us, we could have given over twice as much space on the line up and still be making those same difficult decisions.

But choose we did, and we’re thrilled to team up with the label to bring you five of their brightest stars for Holy Roar x Roadburn. Don’t miss out on this bounty of bands; Holy Roar Records will be taking over the Hall of Fame on Friday, April 12.


One of the newest recruits to team Holy Roar, A.A.Williams will mark a change of pace during Holy Roar x Roadburn – but this is no time to sit down with a pint or go browsing the merch.

You likely won’t have heard of her when you’re reading this but we are so confident that this is going to turn out to be one of those shows that you look back on and can say “I was there at the beginning.” Think of the rawness of Emma Ruth Rundle crossed with the majesty of PJ Harvey and you may be on the right track… but still a long way from the final destination. Do not snooze on A.A.Williams.

“Being so well known for the unique curation of so many groundbreaking artists, it will be a real honour to perform at Roadburn 2019”A.A.Williams.


Conjurer have already made a considerable impression on their home turf (their debut album, Mire, is phenomenal) and are setting their sights firmly on world domination. We’re delighted to be just one step in that journey as Conjurer are primed for detonation.

Vocalist, Dan Nightingale comments: “Every band, no matter their scope, holds personal aspirations that they only dream of achieving. We’ve participated in many events over our very short lifespan; shows and occasions of a calibre far greater than we ever imagined we could be a part of – and with all due respect, Roadburn surpasses even those.”

Dan, we’re flattered!

Expect to be confronted with a hefty wall of post-metal with more than a few nihilistic twists and turns along the way.


Tomorrow, Pijn will release their debut full length titled Loss. It’s the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2017 EP, Floodlit. For a band that is so relatively early in their career they seem to have perfected a delicate balance between fragile melodies and frenetic chaos.
For those of you who are not familiar with the band, or indeed the Dutch language, their name translates to pain (and is pronounced ‘pine’) – a palpable feeling transmitted via their sonic alchemy.

“Being invited to perform at Roadburn is an incredible honour. To find ourselves in the company of the most forward-thinking and influential artists at this festival is surreal, and we are so excited to share songs from ‘Loss’ with the Roadburn audience.”


“We are extremely excited to be playing Roadburn 2019 . We are honored to be included in a festival known for experimental and genre bending artists. April cannot come fast enough “

Secret Cutter themselves are best described as genre-bending; they fuse the best bits of sludge, with the rawest of grind and countless other audio pick’n’mix treats. For a three-piece, they make an unholy racket.

As the idea for this showcase developed, we felt as though the stars had aligned when we realised that Secret Cutter would be heading over to this side of the pond right around Roadburn time. How could we resist? We snapped ‘em up, stuck ‘em on the bill and here we are. Do not miss Secret Cutter obliterating Roadburn.


Outspoken, unapologetic and unwavering – we’re thrilled to welcome Svalbard to the Roadburn line up. Their most recent release, It’s Hard To Have Hope, lays their wares out without once breaking eye contact. Awesome layers of thundering guitars, throat-shredding anguish and woozy melody stack up to make one hell of a full frontal attack.

On their Roadburn debut, the band comments: “Roadburn is an institution! We are very excited and honoured to be playing a part in the 2019 edition alongside such an amazing lineup.”

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 19.10.18

This week’s playlist is a bit different to usual as it focuses on just one band: Cave In.

At Roadburn there’s no doubt that we live for those “once in a lifetime” moments, the sets that won’t be repeated elsewhere and the collaborations that live long in our memories. When those kinda things roll around and they’re not happening at Roadburn, we embrace them just as enthusiastically. Last weekend saw such an event as a dozen or so musicians – and 1,800 of their closest friends – gathered in Los Angeles to celebrate the life and art of Caleb Scofield.

A big draw was the one-off reunion of Isis, who performed under the name Celestial. Once the initial is-this-really-happening feeling passed, Celestial played as though they had never been away; eight years of radio silence melted away to be replaced with a band that was as abrasive and urgent as ever. That we have been bombarded by requests for Isis to perform at Roadburn 2019 is testament to the fact that for many there is unfinished business there. However, we can confirm that Isis (or Celestial) have not been booked to play Roadburn.

To be at peace with a band ending on their own terms is sometimes difficult to grasp. As fans we always want more – one last show, one more album. In this case, the one last show was part of a tribute to Caleb, who died earlier this year in a car accident. The threads of his creativity are woven throughout multiple bands – some of which were represented on Saturday night – highlighting the importance of his artistic contributions. Celestial as a one off was a perfect tribute; we don’t need more, we shouldn’t ask for more – not now.

Whilst Isis lay dormant, Cave In too were more often slumbering than not. Save for a handful of sporadic shows, the band haven’t played much since 2011, and even then much less than in their positively prolific years of 2003-4. And yet, here they were – on fine form, blasting away the cobwebs with no sign of ring rust.

The first half of the set featured Caleb’s brother, Kyle, on bass. He stepped forward at one point to pay tribute to his mother – without whom he wouldn’t be stood there, and without whom Caleb wouldn’t have achieved what he did. It was a poignant moment in an emotionally charged set.

For the second half, Nate Newton (Converge, Old Man Gloom) took over bass duties and really let rip.  It would be unfair to say that Nate has big boots to fill; nothing about this felt like a replacement for – or an imitation of  – what has gone before. More accurate would be to say that Nate was just keeping those boots warm, polished and in action – and in doing so, he showcased a guttural roar that would have done Caleb proud.

Cave In gave way to Zozobra in what felt like the most personal and cathartic portion of the night. Aaron Turner and Jacob Bannon took turns on the mic as the ensemble cast of musicians marked out exactly why and how Caleb Scofield was such an important and iconic musician in their – and our – world.

Throughout the bands that played (27, Old Man Gloom, Pelican, Isis/Celestial, Cave In, and Zozobra) there are rich pickings for a Roadburn friendly playlist, without a doubt. But I have chosen to stick to just Cave In – forgive me as I get personal for a sec.

I love this band and I’ve been championing them for a Roadburn slot for years. However, it’s only in the past few days that I have really reflected on the importance of them as a band to me as a human being and an avid music fan. This playlist may serve as a topic of debate for avid Cave In fans (what? no Anchor?) or an introduction to the band for those unfamiliar. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

I think what I have put together is my ideal Cave In live set list – which I know veers from the likely to the highly unlikely. I have almost come to terms with the likelihood of hearing Rubber and Glue live being essentially zero, but I live in hope. And just imagine a set that plays out with the seven glorious minutes of Paranormal! According to it has been played live just the once – a mere 14 years ago.

But guess what? I saw Isis perform Celestial (The Tower) just this week, so really, anything is possible.

– Becky Laverty

Re-watch the live stream of the whole October 13 show HERE.

If you’d like to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Big Riff – from Jupiter (Hydra Head)

Tension In The Ranks – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

The Calypso – from Tides of Tomorrow (Hydra Head)

Heartbreaks, Earthquakes – from White Silence (Hydra Head)

Youth Overrided – from Antenna (Sony)

New Moon – from Jupiter (Hydra Head)

Down The Drain – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

Innuendo and Out the Other – from Jupiter (Hydra Head)

Rubber and Glue – from Antenna (Sony)

Juggernaut – from Until Your Heart Stops (Hydra Head)

Trepanning – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

Paranormal – from Perfect Pitch Black (Hydra Head)

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen during Roadburn 2019

October 11, 2018

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen

For 2019, in addition to the jungalows familiar to campers every year, Safari Resort Beekse Bergen – which is located just outside Tilburg – is glad to offer Roadburn attendees the chance to stay in luxurious cabins on the zoo grounds during the festival.

All the info is HERE.

Up to eight Roadburners can share a cabin from Wednesday through Sunday nights (jungalows are still for the whole week) and be assured that Taxi Korthout will run a shuttle bus between Safari Resort Beekse Bergen and the festival, so you won’t miss a thing.

We encourage everyone to partner up with your fellow fest-goers and share cabins, and whether you’re coming with a group of friends or meeting people for the first time, we know that soon the Beekse Bergen cabins will become a great part of your Roadburn experience.

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 11.10.18

The playlist is a day early this week since we’re departing Roadburn HQ to celebrate the life and art of Caleb Scofield and/or see Heilung playing the prestigious philharmonic DR Koncerthuest in Copenhagen.

This week, we lure you into the spiraling netherworld of the burgeoning Dutch black metal scene, which is bursting with creativity. In over an hour, Solar Temple, Fluisteraars, Turia and Iskander will showcase the captivating essence of these thriving musicians — dive head first into their scorched artistry.

If you’d like to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Solar TempleWhite Jaw (Eisenwald)

FluisteraarsOeverloos (Eisenwald)

TuriaAan den Golven der Aarde Geofferd (Eisenwald)

IskanderRegnum (Eisenwald)

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 5.10.18

October 5, 2018

We’re still giddy from the excitement of tickets going on sale last night, and overwhelmed by the number of people that bought theirs immediately. With over half the tickets already sold in such a short time, we’re thrilled. If you’re yet to pick yours up, click here for info.

So, this playlist was composed with something of an adrenaline hangover, however – as ever – it was a pleasure to put together. There’s new music, of course, but I wanted to start with the criminally underrated Starofash. So, not a new track to kick things off, but one that might have slipped under your radar previously. Elsewhere you’ll find new music from Kælan Mikla, Black Peaks, Super Unison and more!

If you’d like to seek out the tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Starofash – Viðr (Mnemosyne Productions)

Kælan Mikla – Hvernig kemst ég upp? (Artoffact Records)

Tearful Moon – I Love You More Than Death (760627 Records)

Dödsrit – A Drowning Voice (Prosthetic Records)

Black Peaks – Can’t Sleep (Rise Records)

Windhand – First To Die (Relapse Records)

Super Unison – Falcon (Deathwish Inc)

Azusa – Interstellar Islands (Indie)

Uncle Acid & The DeadbeatsShockwave City (Rise Above)

Jennifer Castle – Angels of Death (Paradise of Bachelors)

Weekend Tickets Now On Sale

Weekend tickets now on sale!

3 days ticket (ThuSat) €181 + €4,50 service fee
4 days ticket (ThuSun) €204 + €4,50 service fee

The Roadburn Urban Campsite will return for 2019. It will be at the same location as last year (Oisterwijksebaan, 5018 TG Tilburg, The Netherlands) and will provide a comfortable and affordable option for Roadburners – all within walking distance to the festival. Read more HERE.

Accommodation at Roadburn 2019

October 3, 2018

As well as tickets going on sale for Roadburn 2019, you will also be able to book various accommodation options from today too! Here’s all the information you’ll need regarding accommodation at Roadburn 2019.

Urban Campsite

The Roadburn Urban Campsite will return for 2019. It will be at the same location as last year (Oisterwijksebaan, 5018 TG Tilburg, The Netherlands) and will provide a comfortable and affordable option for Roadburners – all within walking distance to the festival.  There is hot showers, clean toilets, phone charging facilities, cold drinking water and parking on site! There is a bar on site, plus breakfast is available to purchase! Prices start at less than €80 to camp for the whole of the festival, and go up to €659.40 for a four person ‘Flexotel’ for four nights or €309,00 for a two person Festipi.  It is also possible to bring a camper van for a small fee.

To read more about the accommodation options at the Urban Campsite click HERECampsite tickets will be available to purchase via


Eindhoven is just a short train ride away from Tilburg, and has a huge array of hotels of all different kinds – from luxury to budget. A large number of these hotels are located very close to the train station, so if you time it right, you could go from bed to watching a band at the Koepelhal in a little over half an hour!

Trains run approximately every 15 minutes throughout the day and take 22 minutes to get to Tilburg. Of course there’s a plenty to do, eat and drink in Eindhoven itself, and there’s the added benefit of the close proximity to Eindhoven airport for those traveling in from around Europe.

We already have quite some Roadburners who make the trip to Tilburg every day during Roadburn but this time we’re making it even easier. As the train doesn’t run all night, when there is no train available we will provide a late night shuttle bus running between the two cities once an hour until 4am (3am on the Sunday night/Monday morning) to ensure you get back to your hotel without missing out on any of the fun of the festival.

The Valk Hotel

The Valk hotel will offer hotel accommodation in Tilburg – rooms are on sale from tomorrow. Bookings can be made by emailing: sales (at) tilburg (dot) valk (dot) nl and you must include the reference GF759 in your email subject. Read more about the hotel HERE.


3 night Comfort Room including breakfast  (based on 2 persons) € 575,00 per room

4 night Comfort Room including breakfast  (based on 2 persons) € 749,00 per room

3 night Comfort Room including breakfast  (based on 1 person) € 529,00 per room

4 night Comfort Room including breakfast  (based on 1 person) € 687,00 per room

Beekse Bergen

The Beekse Bergen Safari Park – which is located just outside Tilburg – will have a number of new, luxurious cabins available to rent during Roadburn as well as the more familiar Jungalows! There will be a private shuttle bus running between the Beekse Bergen and the festival site for a small fee – payable on board the bus. For more information on the Beekse Bergen and to book, click HERE.

We know it can be overwhelming to figure out which option will suit you best – so hopefully the above information gives you enough choices to feel comfortable during your time at Roadburn! With the improved links to Eindhoven, plus the urban campsite we know that there will be plenty of room for everybody!

Special At The Gates Show Announced For Roadburn 2019; Anna Von Hausswolff Also Confirmed

October 2, 2018

Roadburn Festival is proud to present At The Gates… as you’ve never seen them before!

Whether you were there from those early Peaceville days, if you were lured by Slaughter of the Soul, or even if you only discovered them via their latest release, this year’s To Drink From The Night Itself – we all know what a colossal beast of a band we’re dealing with here.

As discussions were held about At The Gates playing Roadburn it soon became apparent that they were dead set on doing something different; presenting the band in a whole new way. Details are still being finalised regarding exactly what the set list will comprise of, and just how those songs will be presented, but what we can tell you is that it’s going to be a must-see part of Roadburn 2019.

The band comments:

“As many of our loyal listeners know we have always incorporated different elements into our own breed of death metal, but we have never taken the chance to explore them to the fullest on stage. Being invited to play the prestigious Roadburn Festival gives us exactly that opportunity. We know very well what is expected from a Roadburn performance, and it is just that sort of challenge that makes us tick.”

“We will dive headfirst into the melancholic eclectic darkness of our back catalogue and explore different, challenging collaborations for this special At The Gates set. We look forward to this with overwhelming excitement. More details on exactly what will happen on that main stage at 013 will follow soon”

With six studio albums under their collective belts, and with the best part of three decades of experience, we are thrilled that At The Gates are so determined to raise the bar another few notches when they perform at Roadburn 2019.

Join us in welcoming a whole new incarnation of At The Gates to Roadburn. Read more HERE

At The Gates will also be performing at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht (NL) on Saturday, February 2.


In addition to the above, Anna Von Hausswolff has also been confirmed for Lindberg‘s The Burning Darkness curated event. On his decision to invite her, he comments:

“Anna’s form of expression goes beyond any kind of popular music in my mind. You just have to dive into that personal darkness of hers and give in to the grotesque beauty that is her very creation. The way she uses pipes organs, mellotrons, moogs etc, and builds drony soundscapes that really stretch the mind and create some kind of gothic folklore of its own. And on top of that, there is – of course – her haunting voice.

“Having had the pleasure of being an acquaintance of Anna through our mutual Gothenburg heritage she thankfully didn’t need much persuading to join the eclectic roster of my curation. I am very proud to be part of bringing this magical voice to the festival. Prepare yourself for a lot of goosebumps and chills down your collective spines. Let the dead magic embrace you in front of that main stage at 013.”

Read more HERE.

Weekend tickets for Roadburn 2019 will go on sale on Thursday, October 4 (day tickets will go on sale at a later date). They will be available to purchase in person from Sounds Tilburg record store (from 6pm) for those in the vicinity.

For those further afield, tickets will be available from from 8pm CEST/ 7pm BST/ 2pm EDT. We recommend setting up a account in advance.

Tickets will be priced as follows:
3 days ticket (ThuSat) €181 + €4,50 service fee
4 days ticket (ThuSun) €204 + €4,50 service fee

Read more HERE

Roadburn: Essential Sounds 28.9.18

September 28, 2018

My friends, these are strange times we’re living in. And sometimes when life feels unfathomable, we seek solace in music – so we wholeheartedly urge you to do just that. Pick out your favourite records – show them some love. Seek out new releases – give them your time. Or if you find yourself here, reading this, perhaps you’d like to head straight into this week’s Roadburn: Essential Sounds playlist.

If you’d like to seek out these songs elsewhere, here’s the info you need:

Lonnie HolleyI Woke Up In A Fucked Up America (Jagjaguwar)

AlgiersMartyrs (Matador Records)

Jolie Holland, Thor and FriendsLouisiana 1927 (Cinquefoil Records)

Toby Driver – Glyph (Blood Music)

Lana Del ReyVenice Bitch (Polydor)

Bliss SignalN16 Drift (True Panther Sounds)

Author & PunisherOde To Bedlam (Relapse Records)

HaraballHypno (Fysisk Format)

VargU Control The Ocean (Second Crush) (Posh Isolation)

HeatersVenus (Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records)

Upper WildsMars (Thrill Jockey)

Rebel WizardDrunk on the Wizdom of Unicorn Semen (Prosthetic Records)

ObliterationDestination Rite (Indie Recordings)

The SecretVertigo (Southern Lord)

Elizabeth Colour WheelPomsky (Midnight Werewolf Records)