We’re beyond excited to announce the third commissioned project for the 2024 edition of the festival. Berlin-based Die Wilde Jagd will join forces with the Dutch Metropole Orkest to present a project titled Lux Tenera – A Rite To Joy on the Main Stage on Sunday, April 21. The commissioned project, which is 2 years in the making, is envisioned as a collective encounter, in which the listener becomes part of a pulsating entity – a meditation, which expands our physical coexistence with new sensory experiences.

Die Wilde Jagd – the creative outlet for progressive musician Sebastian Lee Philipp – will likely be a familiar name to Roadburners. The band performed at Roadburn 2022, and prior to that they beamed into homes around the globe as part of Roadburn Redux where they performed two sets, one of which, Atem, was also a commissioned project. Sebastian’s tenacity for composition and his forward looking approach to psychedelic music has kept him firmly on Roadburn’s radar.

Meanwhile, the Metropole Orkest is internationally recognised for their work with the likes of Brian Eno, Antony and the Johnsons and more, but they will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who attended Roadburn 2019, when they performed alongside Triptykon. Their collaborative performance was the spectacular final piece of the puzzle for Tom G. Warrior as he worked to complete Celtic Frost’s Requiem trilogy.  With assistance from Fonds Podiumkunsten yet another groundbreaking commissioned project will be added to Roadburn’s history books.

Roadburn’s artistic director, Walter Hoeijmakers, comments: “Sebastian has proved to be one of the most exciting and forward thinking musicians exploring psych music. By teaming up with the Metropole Orkest, Sebastian will push the envelope of modern psych even further – we expect a mind-altering composition perfect for traveling both inward and outward; something you will feel in every fibre of your body.”

Sebastian comments:
“Since entrusting me with the creation of Atem for the 2021 Redux Edition of Roadburn, Walter Hoeijmakers has consistently presented me with truly exceptional projects, fostering an environment that encourages me to delve deeper into my artistic expressions. The prospect of collaborating with the globally acclaimed Metropole Orkest, and witnessing the collective power of 50 musicians bringing my new composition to life, is an extraordinary honour that surpasses even my wildest aspirations. I am profoundly humbled by this opportunity and eagerly anticipate the moment when I can share Lux Tenera with the orchestra during our performance on April 21st.”

To read more about Lux Tenera, please click here.


The commissioned projects already announced for Roadburn 2024 are Mat McNerney presenting Music for Gloaming: A Nocturne by the Hexvessel Folk Assembly and Kavus Torabi presenting Lion of The Lord’s Elect. Elsewhere the Roadburn 2024 line up features The Jesus and Mary Chain, Chelsea Wolfe, Lankum, Khanate, Clipping, Blood Incantation and many more.