Mat McNerney is a true Roadburn veteran. Several of his bands have graced our stages throughout the years, including Hexvessel, Beastmilk, and Grave Pleasures, and McNerney is a very important part of the 2024 edition. He has created the very first music of the festival, in a way, with the eerie ambient sounds you heard in the gorgeous David Fitt video and even the intro and outro for this very podcast.

Next April, he will also be a central part of two crucial, already-announced Roadburn performances, namely Hexvessel playing their latest glacial marvel of an album, ‘Polar Veil,’ in its entirety, and a brand new commissioned piece of which we only know the title: ‘Music for Gloaming: A Nocturne by the Hexvessel Folk Assembly.’

Naturally we decided it was absolutely necessary to sit down and talk to Mat properly about all of these things. As usual with this supremely talented artist, we got more than we bargained for, including a few hints and insights on what the commissioned piece might actually look and sound like, even at this early stage of its development.

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