April 12, 2021

We have a lot to squeeze in to this final missive as we just couldn’t help ourselves – we added a few more things to Roadburn Redux! Which means that the all important schedules are bursting at the seams, but the good news is they’re ready! Scroll down to view the weekend’s running order.

But before we get to that, let’s start with the basics, the stuff you need to know…

Roadburn Redux is free to watch!

You can sign in to enjoy the full functionality of the site, but it’s not required. Donations are welcome to help keep the Roadburn show on the road, but if you’re able to donate, that’s okay – you’re still more than welcome!

Roadburn Redux will be starting on Thursday evening!

We’re rolling out a few (incredible!) bits of Roadburn content from Thursday evening onwards! Join us from 7pm CET, we’ll welcome you to the whole event and then leave you to explore!

Roadburn Redux shows/content is available to re-watch – but only for a limited time!

The schedules you’ll find below let you know what time content is premiering on the site, and we hope that plenty of you will watch along with us as the whole thing unfurls! Some sets will overlap but you can catch up later or switch between things! If your schedule doesn’t allow you to watch live, or you’re joining us from the other side of the planet, you can catch up in your own time. The Roadburn Redux content will be available to re-watch once its published – but only until the evening of Tuesday 20 April. Whether the tracks/videos/sets will reappear elsewhere is down to the bands! If you want to be on the safe side, assume everything is once in a lifetime – just like a real Roadburn.

Alright! Now on to the new additions and those all important schedules!

DeWolff to replace Radar Men From The Moon

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Radar Men From The Moon are no longer able to perform at the 013 on Sunday. They have been replaced by DeWolff, one of the most energetic and essential bands to come out of the Netherlands in the last decade or so. This is a band for those ‘burners who appreciate the rock and psych classics of the late ’60s and ’70s; if you have the Allman Brothers, Dr. John or Deep Purple nestled in your vinyl collection, this one’s for you. They’ll be rounding out our Sunday night in style. Read more HERE.

Territoire and XLR Estudio performing Étude de la profondeur

We have invited French award-winning composer Olivier Arson AKA Territoire to present his haunting third album, Étude de la profondeur, in its entirety, and in collaboration with XLR Estudio. Those of you who witnessed Territoire live at Roadburn 2019 already know what to expect from this genre-defying artist who utilises haunting soundscapes and electronic unease to craft their music. Read more HERE.

Death Bells live from Bombay

Death Bells brought a little bit of Australia-by-way-of-California sunshine into what was, on the whole, a pretty bleak 2020. Their album, New Signs Of Life, released via Dais Records was nine-tracks aloof, guitar and synth driven rock that couldn’t help let a little optimism shine through the brooding dark clouds.
With live performances curtailed for obvious reasons, the tracks from New Signs of Life were unable to be experienced live. Whilst we’re not quite able to work miracles, we have been gifted the premiere of an incredible live performance filmed at Bombay Beach, California. Read more HERE.

We have a stellar line up of Q&As as part of Roadburn Redux. We’ve enlisted the help of some intrepid reporters to quiz people on our behalf – live, over the festival weekend. We’ll be chatting to Robin Staps of Pelagic Records, and Mat McNerney and Tommi Pulkki of Svart about their respective showcases. We have interviews lined up with Dylan Walker of Full of Hell, Lingua Ignota, Aaron Turner, Knoll, Divide & Dissolve, and Big Brave over the course of the weekend. We also have something of a mystery interview on our hands as we’ll be talking to three of the participants of The Music of Townes Van Zandt – only we can’t tell you who that is just yet. And finally, we’re not sure if it would be a real edition of Roadburn if we didn’t have Andreas Kohl giving us insight into the wonderful world of vinyl via the Vinyl Veda Vault. Turn up, tune in, and pose your own questions to them all!

We’ve enlisted the help of two friends of the festival – Metal Matters podcasters Mike Berdan of Uniform and journalist Fred Pessaro – to welcome you to each day of the festival by way of a podcast with the somewhat self explanatory title The Roadburn Redux Podcast with Metal Matters. Featuring interviews from several of your favourite Roadburn-friendly artists, these episodes will be the perfect way to kick off your day if you’re truly immersing yourself in the Roadburn experience. Read more HERE.

We announced on Friday that we’d be premiering the French-made documentary We Are The New Chimeras: 50 minutes of Flames, Black Metal and Utopia. Can a festival be life-altering? In the case of France‘s Les Feux de Beltane (or Beltane Fires), a gathering of like-minded spirits can change lives. It can even bypass our industrial and commercial society by creating an event that differs from any other festival in artistic scope and feel. Or, on a human scale, while profoundly capturing what’s so appealing and fundamental about black metal, and its pagan and uncompromising spirit.

Alongside this online premiere we’ll also be showcasing two artists entwined with Roadburn by way of specially made documentaries focussing on their work. Never Mind The Hype caught up with our 2020 poster artist, Douwe Dijkstra to gain insight into his technicolour world. Meanwhile, Roadburn Redux poster artist, the French photographer Lucile Lejoly let us in on a few of the secrets of her spellbinding skills.

Also on the film front, we’ll have a short cinematic introduction to the commissioned project performed by GOLD live from the 013, titled This Shame Should Not Be Mine.

If you’re looking for something to get your grey matter working, we have a few things up our sleeve.