Iceland's Great Grief making their European main land debut at Roadburn 2019

February 14, 2019

In keeping with tradition, we couldn’t hold back announcing one more very exciting Icelandic band for Roadburn 2019.

It’s not a secret that we’re partial to the burgeoning Icelandic underground, and as part of our ongoing presentation of the the thriving Icelandic music scene, we’re stoked to welcome Grief Grief to Roadburn 2019 – not once, but twice! As Great Grief is so good, we’re bringing them over for their debut shows on the European mainland, playing Roadburn’s Ignition on Wednesday, April 10 and the main festival a day later, ThursdayApril 11.

Witnessing one of Iceland’s hardest working bands at 2018’s Norðanpaunk left us gasping for air; it was not only one of the wildest, and most moving shows we saw in Iceland last year, the band’s true hardcore aesthetics floored us as well. Channeling anger and angst, Great Grief doesn’t shy away from mental health issues (think depression and severe anxiety) nor boosting self love, or questioning growing up in an isolated country.

As Great Grief doesn’t hold back, whether it’s addressing anger, fear, and aggression, or showcasing a primal urgency, the band will certainly set the scene at Roadburn 2019. As Great Grief will become your next favorite band. If you are looking forward to seeing Daughters, Cave In and Old Man Gloom, make sure that you’ll catch Great Grief as well – they’ll be right up your street!

“If you would have told us six years ago, that we’d be bringing our flavour of hardcore to Roadburn for two nights, we wouldn’t believe you. This festival has for the past few years been but a distant fever dream for us, so to have this opportunity as our first time performing in mainland Europe, is absolutely surreal.

We plan on playing two separate sets, consisting of material from our past releases as well as songs from our new LP “Love, Lust and Greed” that came out in December through No Sleep Records.

We look forward to spreading our chaotic love to the people Tilburg” – Finnbogi Örn Einarsson, vocalist of Great Grief.

Essential Sounds 8.2.19

February 8, 2019

In a break with what has become tradition – and whilst Walter is distracted with sweating over the running orders for Roadburn 2019 – I have kicked off this week’s playlist with a blast from the past.

You can consider it nothing more than a trip down memory lane, or you can consider it the start of my campaign to bring back Handsome – I don’t mind which. Back in the day (before such frivolities as playlists) a lot of the music I discovered was via the free CDs (and even cassettes) that were stuck to the front of Kerrang! magazine with gummy glue. Back in 1997 Handsome was on one such CD – titled Radio Kerrang! Vol. 2 and introduced by Coal Chamber. Ahem…

Anyway, more recently, when my memory was jumpstarted by seeking out these old compilations, I rediscovered Handsome! And when I posted about it on Facebook wondering if anyone else remembered this band, dozens of people responded in the affirmative. So why have Handsome been forgotten so? What a heartbreaker. I know I am in good company when members of SubRosa, Converge, 16, and The Atlas Moth also pine for Handsome. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, or maybe it will kickstart your own trip down memory lane.

Either way, the rest of the playlist is packed with future classics – all of which have been released in the past few weeks and months rather than more than two decades ago! We can’t get enough of the new Yeruselem – it’s their second playlist appearance in two weeks! The album is out today so, do yourselves a favour and check that one out.

-Becky Laverty

(Cover photo: Astronoid)

If you want to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Handsome – Going To Panic (Sony)

Astronoid – A New Colour (Blood Music)

ENDON – Love Amnesia (Thrill Jockey)

Yeruselem – Joyless (Eitrin Editions)


Jozef van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch – The Two Paths (Sacred Bones)

Outer Limit Lotus – Lotus Eater (Sleep Chase)

The Comet Is Coming – Summon The Fire (UMG)

Runemagick – Runes of the Undead (Aftermath Recordings)

Our Survival Depends On Us – Gold and Silver (Ván Records)

Essential Sounds: 1.2.19

February 1, 2019

Things are certainly frosty ’round these parts this week, and this week’s playlist has been keeping us warm as we work hard behind the scenes on bringing you an extra special edition of Roadburn Festival. Every now and again, our thoughts are even turning to Roadburn 2020… there’s truly no rest for the wicked!

Once again, inspiration comes from both brand new releases and from dipping our toe in the musical waters of the last year or two. There is always new treasure to be uncovered – you’ve just gotta have your ear out for it. This week’s playlist is pretty short, but super sweet — enjoy!

-Becky Laverty

As ever, here’s the details, if you want to seek the tracks out elsewhere:

Brutus – War (Sargent House/Hassle Records)

Holy Fawn – Dark Stone (Whelmed)

Vanum – Under The Banner of Death (Profound Lore)

Super Unison – Parts Unknown (Deathwish Inc)

Ragana – The Void (An Out)

Yerusalem – Babel (Eitrin Editions)

Al Lover – California Yuga (Stolen Body Records)

Die Wilde Jagd – 2000 Elefanten (Bureau B)

Ancestors – Into The Fall (Pelagic)

Modern Heaven – Swimming Pool (Burning Rose)

Rome – One Lion’s Roar (Trisol Music Group)

Essential Sounds: 25.1.19

January 25, 2019

At Roadburn we have been long time admirers of Maarten Donders; the Dutch-born, Paris-dwelling visual artist encapsulates so much of what Roadburn is all about. It’s been an honour and a pleasure to have him be officially part of Team Roadburn and to have him design the poster artwork for Roadburn 2019.

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance that you’ve clocked his work already – most obviously on our own festival artwork, but he was also one of the exhibitors at last year’s Full Bleed exhibition, and his artwork is woven throughout the Roadburn world and its surroundings.

We’re delighted to hand over the reigns of our weekly playlist to Maarten, who has thoughtfully put together a track by track guide for our perusal.

If you scroll a little further down the page you can view some of Maarten‘s progress sketches that eventually ended up as the beautiful poster designs that we’re proud to be using for the festival this year.

As ever, dig in… and enjoy.

Maarten says:

Keeping with the Roadburn spirit I wanted to make a selection of the imaginative new sounds and worlds that are captivating me at this moment. If I was to make a list of my all-time favorite songs I would probably be going through too many old psych and country records, never finish… and die.

SenyawaTanggalkan Di Dunia (Undo The World) This Indonesian duo even makes their own instruments from bamboo and wood. This is power through sound; A strong reminder of going back to our roots; to be humbled and bow to the earth we came from.

Alvarius B – Natural Wonder New music from Alan Bishop from Sun City Girls, what else do I need to say? This song is a perfect display of his earthy sound and mindbending lyrics that paint lysergic pictures.

Vanhelgd – Profaned is the Blood of the Covenant – This band has a ritualistic sound, and moves between black, death and doom metal with ease. Expect dark, melodic and intense. They have a captivating and storytelling sense of songwriting, and this album has been spinning a lot during drawing sessions.

Lorn – OUT OF THE FRAME The John Carpenter school of dark electronics is certainly very awesome, but I think the darker world of electronic music has yet to be really explored. Lorn uses low rumbling bass and otherworldy beats that will tickle your imagination.

Black Salvation – In a Casket’s Ride These guys have a dark and driving psych rock sound and the songs they craft are like small trips to get lost in; each has something that keeps you hanging on for the ride. I guess somewhere between Joy Division, The Stooges and a bad trip

Obliteration – Detestation Rite Obliteration’s new album soared to the top of my list last year, tied for favourite album last year alongside Anna von Hausswolff’s. Classic but psychedelic swirling deathmetal sound, aggressive and organic riffs, doomy pummeling bass sounds, but most of all an invincible forward energy.

Pharaoh Overlord – Meanwhile I’ve always been a fan of the Finnish collective around the groups Circle, Pharaoh Overlord and their numerous side-projects. They are not afraid to try anything, and this new song from PO is a fine example of the weirdness.

Sherpa – Abscent to the Mother of Language Powerful dreamy psych/prog debut that has been spinning a lot during drawing sessions since Walter turned me onto it. I love the sounds of the fretless(?) bass gliding along and setting the mood.

Rakta – Rodeados Pela Beleza One of my favorite recent shows was from this group from Brazil. Dark, driving and just plain out wild, intoxicating and invigorating! Definitely check them out at Roadburn

Slowgold – Väntar Although she made a great new album last year, this album here is just such a personal favorite which I’ve played a ridiculous amount of times. She has a very beautiful and unique voice and musically very dreamy with both modern and 60s/70s qualities (the cover hints obviously at Judee Sill). I don’t really understand what she sings about, but I think I do.

Jess Williamson – Thunder Song Her last album Cosmic Wink has a very dreamy and melancholic glaze, reminiscent of Cat Power or Mazzy Star. It has been spinning a lot in the summer and I’m curious to see where she will take this sound further.

Richie Dagger – Uncivilised Love From my hometown (and city of Roadburn) Tilburg, this band has been crafting their own sound slowly but surely, and the third album sees them darker than before with a pummeling bass sound, atonal riffs and an overall bleak but catchy dark rock aesthetic that’s a perfect catalyst for commuting on a shitty day.

Innumerable Forms – Re-Contaminated Just proves how well death and doom go together. I just keep coming back for this album because It sounds SO good and filthy, it makes your skin rot and your blood turn into goo

Sepulcher – Corrupting the Cosmos Just makes you wanna clench your fists and ride head-first into the void of your mind’s eye, so to speak!

Glenn Jones – Everything Ends One of the few keeping the Primitivism school of John Fahey alive with tremendous respect. His compositions and music are so soothing and rich (and great for late night drawing sessions!)

NEW STREAM: MONO's 'Nowhere Now Here' streaming in full

As you may already be aware, we’re beyond excited to have MONO performing at Roadburn this year. The iconic Japanese post-rock quartet embedded themselves deep in the psyches and the record collection of Roadburners many years ago. Whilst they will be celebrating their history at the festival – by performing Hymn To The Immortal Wind with the Jo Quail Quartet – they also have their gaze firmly fixed on the future.

Today, we’re honoured to host a stream of their brand new album, Nowhere Now Here, which is released via Pelagic Records. If you’d like to get your hands on a physical copy you can order one HERE.

Of the album, the band comments:

At last today, our 20 year anniversary 10th album ‘Nowhere Now Here’ gets released.
If you put a space in the middle of the word “nowhere”, it becomes “now here”.  This album was completed with the thought that by pouring the feeling of love and positivity into that one single space, you will be able to change everything. Please give it a listen.

Hit play below to check out the album, and witness MONO delivering a masterclass as only they know how.

Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle collab at Roadburn 2019

January 24, 2019

In keeping with Roadburn tradition, the good stuff just keeps on coming… we’re thrilled to announce details of Thou’s collaborative set, which will take place on Friday, April 12.

Joining them on stage at the Koepelhal will be Emma Ruth Rundle. Thou’s Bryan Funck comments:

“Continuing our long tradition of collaborating with innovative musicians who can push the boundaries of what we create withing the realm of heavy music, we are extremely excited to be working on new material with the immensely talented Emma Ruth Rundle. We love Emma’s music, and it’s a great excuse for us to hang out and get to see her play a bunch!”

Emma adds:
“I’m heading down to New Orleans in a week to start the real writing process but we have already been exchanging ideas. I think it would be safe to say that its going end up being bit of everything that we both do; heavy with some delicate and emotive moments.”

Final bands announced for Roadburn 2019 (Craft, Boss-de-Nage, Street Sects and more)


Rounding out the announcements for Tomas Lindberg’s The Burning Darkness curated event is the cult Swedish band, Craft. As ever, we hand over to our esteemed curator to tell us why this was such an essential pick for him…

“Craft was one of the first bands that I contacted for my announcement. I have been a big fan for a long time, and with the release of the astounding ‘White Noise and Black Metal’, it was a no brainer to include them.”
Read more HERE


With each member initially only known by an initial, as though mere spectres channeling this labyrinthine music from some other galaxy, Bosse-de-Nage have navigated the last decade expertly, creating five incredible records, of which last year’s Further Still is the culmination so far.  Melding black metal, shoegaze, post rock and screamo, we’re prepared for a mind-melting experience when Bosse-de-Nage take to the stage at Roadburn.
Read more HERE


Check out any Street Sects album artwork, and you’ll feel like you’ve plunged into the gritty, harsh world of a hardboiled crime novel, a genre famous for its unflinching realism and toughness. Adjectives that can well be applied to the music this duo from Austin, Texas creates, as well. Music is often described as escapism, but when Leo Ashline hollers, shrieks and proclaims hard truths over Shaun Ringsmuth‘s pounding, pulsing rhythms, it’s the absolute opposite – it’s as if someone’s forcing your eyes wide open, Clockwork Orange-style, to stare at the ugliest and harshest realities this world has to offer.
Read more HERE


Founded by Icelandic composer and sound designer Elvar Geir Sævarsson in order to perform his contemplative yet titanic score for Fjalla-Eyvindur & Halla – a production by The National Theater – GlerAkur (Icelandic for Glass Field) is currently one of the most important cornerstones of the country’s thriving music scene.
GlerAkur’s debut album, The Mountains Are Beautiful Now – the soundtrack to the aforementioned play – is very impressive, and won Iceland’s prestigious Kraumur Award in 2017.

Though the band’s cinematic take on Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Swans really comes to life over a full set, as we experienced at last year’s Eistnaflug. With two drummers, and four guitarists, GlerAkur multiplied their hypnotic waves of dreamlike-atmospheres and harmonic feedback into such an overwhelming and mesmerising performance that we simply had to invite them for the 2019 festival.
Read more HERE


Melissa Guion will be at Roadburn performing as part of the Thou Artist In Residence extravaganza, which we are already breathlessly anticipating. However, we’re thrilled to announce that she will also be performing her own set – aided and abetted by live collaborators – under the moniker, MJ Guider.

If you’re unfamiliar with the hypnotic fayre of her 2016 release, Precious Systems, then the good news is that there’s just about 11 weeks before Roadburn to get yourself up to speed. Immerse yourself in the swirling landscapes and enchanting melodies on offer; lay back in the stream of lush instrumentation and let it wash over you. MJ Guider‘s output is a multilayered offering, and yet remains delicately sparse at times.
Read more HERE

Never the most prolific of bands, nor the most well-known, nevertheless L’Acéphale have offered some of the most intelligent blackened folk music throughout the years. While this decade has only witnessed a few small releases – after Malefeasance and Stahlhartes Gehäuse, their only full-lengths, punctuated an unusually productive period in 2008 and 2009 – they have all been remarkable, and once we were made aware that the band was getting ready to become more active, we saw the perfect opportunity to satiate our hunger for more L’Acéphale. With the announcement of their self titled, 74-minute album coming this April on Eisenwald, what better time to explore the abyss than now?
Read more HERE

As well as participating in the Maalstroom commissioned performance, Grey Aura, hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, will also bring their conceptual Black Metal to Roadburn 2019 on Sunday, April 14. Grey Aura are using their playful yet sometimes schizophrenic take on this genre (like some of the others participating in Maalstroom) as a vehicle to expose and explore the darker side of the mind.

You can check out a track premiere from Grey Aura right now thanks to Never Mind The Hype – click HERE.

Read more HERE

Roadburn's Pre Party: Ignition (Temple Fang, Hellripper, Wed, April 10)

With a new home (the 013 venue‘s Green Room) and a new name, Roadburn‘s pre-show party, Ignition, is primed and ready to get the festivities off to a killer start.

Featuring Temple Fang and Hellripper – a third band will be announced in due course – Ignition is the perfect way to kick off your Roadburn on Wednesday, April 10 – and sticking with tradition, it will be free to attend. (Start 8.30pm).

Welcome back Dennis Duijnhouwer. The former Death Alley bassist will return to Roadburn with his new outfit, Temple Fang. Though there’s no release yet, Temple Fang -also consisting of Death Alley alumni, Jevin de Groot– are currently making quite a name in the Dutch underground by way of hypnotic and overwhelming live shows.

Channeling the spirit of Grateful Dead, Hawkwind, Blue Öyster Cult and Captain Beyond, some fuzzed-out rawk comes to the forefront of their sound as well! We’re eagerly anticipating Temple Fang’s performance at Roadburn 2019’s Ignition, as the band is poised to become such a heavy psych monster.

While Temple Fang will bring the psych and expand your mind and your senses, Hellripper will be the perfect antidote for all that! If anything, the Scottish kings of old-school dirty black/speed nastiness will contract your mind into a tiny and super dense ball of steel! Formed in 2014 by backwards visionary James McBain under the spiritual guidance of Venom, Sabbat or Kreator, they’ve since expanded into a full live band and are now ready to tear our head off while thrashing like maniacs.

Temple Fang picture by Judith Zandwijk.

Essential Sounds: 18.1.19

January 18, 2019

The beauty of being a true music fan is that the journey of discovery never ends. There’s always new music coming out, and there’s an endless pool of existing music to dip back into whenever the mood takes. I confess that this playlist has a few tracks that are a couple of years old, squeezed in amongst the new releases; maybe I’m late to the party, but maybe they’ll also be new discoveries for you too.

The playlist kicks off with Aprilmen – the new(ish) project of Gareth Averill and Alan Averill, the latter of whom is probably best known to Roadburners as the vocalist for Primordial (or Dread Sovereign). Of course Averill’s distinctive voice is still present but the music veers in a different direction. If you like what you hear, check out their U2 cover released a couple of weeks ago.

If you don’t already subscribe to the playlist, please consider doing so. We also love hearing about any discoveries you make via the Essential Sounds playlist so feel free to join in the conversation in our Facebook group or on Twitter.

For now, please enjoy my lucky 13 picks…

-Becky Laverty

Aprilmen – Heavy Hearts (Self Release)

Light Asylum – Dark Allies (Mexican Summer)

Grivo – H.D.C (Holodeck Records)

Miserable – Cheap Ring (Sargent House)

Elizabeth Colour Wheel – 23 (The Flenser)

Oozing Wound – Tween Shitbag (Thrill Jockey)

Antre – Tyrant (Withered Hand)

Cruelty – Disgraced (Self Release)

The Love Coffin – Sense of Indifference (Bad Afro)

Hippy Johnny – You Can’t Run Forever (blueeyedboy records)

Roll The Dice – Elevate (The New Black)

Hante. – À Contrecoeur (Synth Religion)

Miracle – The Parsifal Gate (Relapse)

Essential Sounds 11.1.19

January 11, 2019

Following on from the playlist curated by Imperial Triumphant, we have put together some of the tracks we’ve been listening to over the past few weeks. Consider this an extended player due to the high volume of new music we’ve been checking out and catching up with. 2019 is already shaping up to be a great year for new music as At The Gates and Rob Miller are showing.

As ever, if you would like to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need…

At The Gates ft. Rob MillerThe Mirror Black (Century Media)

Bonnacons of DoomSolus (Rocket Recordings)

Toydrum, Alex MaasHow Do You Know (Bold Model)

Kill Shelter ft. Antipole & Delphine ComaIn Decay (Self-Release)

Twin TribesDark Crystal (Self-Release)

SpelllingHaunted Water (Sacred Bones)

LomaDark Oscillations (Sub Pop)

Lucy DacusNight Shift (Matador Records)

Sonic JesusNoah (Tiziano Veronese)

Melody FieldsRain Man (Sound Effect Records)

Amgala TempleMoon Palace (Pekula Records)

Barst#1 Point B (Consouling Sounds)

Lana Del RabiesRepose (Deathbomb Arc)

Ştiu Nu ŞtiuSibirien (Widsith Records)

Unholy TwoRabid Wolverine (12XU)

SummoningCarcharoth (Napalm Records)

Chapel Of DiseaseOblivious / Obnoxious / Defiant (Ván Records)

Whoredom RifeCeremonial Incantation (643145 Records DK)