EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE - Sightless Pit's 'Grave of a Dog'

February 19, 2020

When we invited Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell to be our dual artists in residence for Roadburn 2020, we had no idea that the collaboration they’d been working on behind the scenes since 2017 was due to surface. Kristin Hayter, Full of Hell’s Dylan Walker, and The Body’s Lee Buford joined forces under the banner of Sightless Pit and are now days away from releasing their debut album, Grave of a Dog.

There will be a special, limited edition version of the album available exclusively at Roadburn – scroll down for a sneak peek – so you’ve got some options; pre-order now to hold this beast in your hands immediately, or wait til April and get the beautiful grey colour-way at the festival. Of Full of Hell’s upcoming performances, the Roadburn vinyl variant, and indeed this album premiere, Dylan Walker told us:

“Roadburn Festival has represented underground art in it’s purest form since day 1. I have always looked to them to see how a festival should be curated and run, and I’m so honored to be involved so deeply with the fest this year.”

In many ways, Grave of a Dog is exactly what you’d expect from three of the US underground’s most innovative and experimental musicians. And yet, it still manages to push a few new boundaries, explore a few more darkened corners and annihilate a few pre-conceptions along the way. The pulsating claustrophobia of these eight songs embodies suffocating hopelessness, a sonic swathe of sorrow and desolation. You don’t have to take our word for it, of course – you can dive headfirst into this particular sightless pit below.

Sightless Pit – Grave of a Dog is released via Thrill Jockey on February 21. Order here.

Becky Laverty / February 2020

Essential Sounds: 14.02.20

I wish I’d had the foresight to plan a romantic-themed playlist today, but alas there’s just too much good music coming out so I opted to squeeze as much on the list as possible instead of getting bogged down with hearts and flowers. Anyway, romance can be found in the most unusual of places – even at Santos Montano‘s Margarita Singles Mixer (Roadburn 2019) – so deep down, we already know: Roadburn is for lovers.

Get smoochin’…

Ulver – Russian Doll (House of Mythology)

Fotocrime – Love Is A Devil (Profound Lore)

Hilary Woods – Orange Tree (Sacred Bones)

Myrkur – Leaves of Yggdrasil (Relapse)

Jarboe – Illusory (The Loving Jarboe)

Holy Fawn – Blood Pacts (Triple Crown)

Regarde Les Hommes Tomber – The Renegade Son (Season of Mist)

Eye Flys – Tubba Lard (Thrill Jockey)

Ihsahn – Nord (Candlelight)

Hällas – Beyond Night and Day (Napalm)

Kungens Män – Senvägen (Self release)

PH – Origo (Svart)

Dungen – B1 (Mexican Summer)

Mythic Sunship – Olympia (El Paraiso)

Roadburn 2020: Final names for April's line up confirmed

February 13, 2020

All tickets to Roadburn 2020 are now sold out except for Sunday day tickets. Sunday day tickets are priced at €60.50. More information about tickets and accommodation options can be found HERE.


Saving the best ‘til last is not always a deliberate thing; we had to be patient with this one, waiting for the stars to align just so. However, here we are – one of the last announcements of our 2020 line up – thrilled to announce the addition of Earth to Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage curated event. If that weren’t enough to get excited about already, they will be performing a special set – celebrating the past three decades of their incredible career.

Dylan Carlson comments: “The last time Earth played Roadburn was 2011, so it’s a real pleasure to be welcomed back at this year’s edition – thanks to Emma for asking us. We are celebrating 30 years of Earth with a special performance, featuring Steve Moore and William Herzog along with current members, as well as a set spanning the career of the band.”

Read more about Earth HERE.


Dylan Carlson’s solo work – including that under the Drcarlsonalbion moniker – is a departure from his output with Earth, and yet it retains a distinctive minimalist quality easily identifiable to fans. We’re delighted to announce that as well as performing a huge celebration in honour of thirty years of Earth, Dylan will also be performing a solo set as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s  curated event.

Material from his 2019 album, Conquistador is likely to feature heavily and for the first time ever, Dylan will be joined on stage by Emma Ruth Rundle to perform the material they recorded together for the album. The album’s cover star, Holly Carlson, will also be making an appearance; an accomplished dancer and performer, she will be adding a visual layer to Dylan’s set.

Read more about Dylan Carlson HERE.


False flourished in 2019 – with the release of their album Portent, the Minneapolis six-piece stepped out of the shadows a little. That’s not to say they suddenly became all sweetness and light – quite the opposite. Portent is a blistering slice of American black metal, but there was a little more soul seeping through the festering cracks this time out – albeit soul that is twisted and tortured.

For sure an exercise in catharsis, False gave us plenty to ponder on last year. At the forefront for us, was figuring out how to get them over to Europe in April to perform at Roadburn 2020 – and we’re delighted to say we finally figured out a way to make it work! False will be performing as part of Emma Ruth Rundle’s The Gilded Cage curated event – adding a USBM spin to proceedings.

Read more about False HERE.


A split EP, Time Without End was released last month via Prophecy Productions – and will serve you well as an introduction to Sylvaine’s musical mastery. Use it as a jumping off point to dive into her earlier work, which takes on a slightly darker hue with black metal overtones creeping into the picture.

With lush arrangements and intricate instrumentation, it’s easy to lose yourself in the songs of Sylvaine – and we invite you to do just that when she performs for us in April. Promising a special, stripped back set, we can’t wait to be captivated by what she brings to the Roadburn stage.

Read more about Sylvaine HERE.

Body Void


For a band with so few members (just the two, sometimes three), Body Void make an unholy racket. There’s something frenzied and frenetic thrashing around in this particular sludgey mire – and we like it! So much so that we invited them to bring that spirit crushing, filth infused, crusty doom to Roadburn this April.

Body Void represent all that is great – dark, murky, but definitely still great – about the American underground at the moment. We couldn’t be happier to have them bring some scrapings of that gritty underbelly to Tilburg in a couple of months from now.

Read more about Body Void HERE.

Sólveig Matthildur

Sólveig Matthildur first came to Roadburn as part of captivating Icelandic trio, Kælan Mikla, back in 2018. She also performed a sneaky lil’ solo set that same year, so round these parts we consider her to be part of the family.  Her output isn’t a million miles away from what she does with the band, but she has emblazoned her own mark on what she does alone, making it distinct and alluring in equal measure. When Sólveig invites you on a journey into the shimmering abyss, you must say yes.

Read more about Sólveig Matthildur HERE.


We already announced that Dynfari would be playing The Four Doors of the Mind in full, and whereas that would be the end of a regular announcement, because this band is anything but regular, there is still another surprise in store – another special show from these Icelandic dreamweavers. We are ecstatic to reveal that Dynfari will present their recently announced new album, Myrkurs er þörf, a self-described “return to more DIY, punch and attitude”, on Sunday, April 19.

Read more about Dynfari HERE.

The Ballet Bombs

It is among our favorite traditions at Roadburn HQ to partner with Never Mind The Hype – an independent Dutch music platform for everything heavy, alternative and deviant – in order to bring you one special showcase each year among all the other shows happening. Our mission is to highlight one Dutch band of exceptional potential; someone we believe can go on to do really amazing things.

You want brash, stomping, swaggering, fuzzed-to-the-max heavy rock and roll? Look no further than a couple train stops from Tilburg as we bring aboard the young Eindhoven trio of Rubin “Zwoelboy” van Nistelrooy, Erik “El Cahole” van de Beek, and Frankie Fuzz AKA The Ballet Bombs. These overdriven fanatics don’t have a record out yet, but they’ve got enough attitude songs like Hey, Wait! and the extra-righteous Leave My HeadWith the inimitable energy of young punks, they tap into the spirit of raw rock like Blue Cheer and the glorious of the most riotous garages.

Roadburn Presents alumni include DOOL, Temple Fang, Death Alley, Laster, Verwoed and more. Get ready to welcome The Ballet Bombs to this esteemed company.

Read more about The Ballet Bombs HERE.

For a fourth year running, Full Bleed exhibition will return to RoadburnFull Bleed is an exhibition of screen printed artwork featuring artists and collaborators connected through the community of heavy music. The exhibition will be open every afternoon throughout Roadburn with all participating artists in attendance.

Full Bleed IV artists: 
John Baizley
Richey Beckett
David V. D’Andrea
Douwe Dijkstra
Maarten Donders
Marald van Haasteren
Burlesque of North America

Opening times for Full Bleed are as follows:
Thursday, April 16Saturday, April 18: 13:0019:00
Sunday, April 19: 13:0018:00

Roadburn 2020: Full Bleed IV

For a fourth year running, Full Bleed exhibition will return to Roadburn.

Full Bleed is an exhibition of screen printed artwork featuring artists and collaborators connected through the community of heavy music. The exhibition will be open every afternoon throughout Roadburn with all participating artists in attendance.

Full Bleed IV artists:


John Dyer Baizley is an artist and musician based out of Philadelphia, PA. He is the singer, songwriter, lyricist, musician and visual-artist for Baroness, a band he helped found in Savannah, Georgia in 2003, self-releasing records on his label, Abraxan Hymns. His body of visual work exists across various platforms and media, including paintings, drawings, screen-prints, album covers, and documentaries.

Baizley’s work, often highly symbolic, makes use of borrowed imagery, ideas and concepts from a variety of histories, mythologies and religions in order to express a more unique and personal visual narrative that contains elements both familiar and esoteric.


Look at Richey Becketts mesmerizing pen & ink meditations on both Earthly and other worldly matters. Focus on the lines, the curves, the careful attention to seemingly-minor details (a leaf, a branch, a lick of fur, a lock of hair) and find yourself physically dragged into the world portrayed therein, like walking through the back of that large armoire in Lion, Witch & The Wardrobe.

Beckett draws no influence from urban scenarios, his Welsh roots informing every element of his black ink explorations into myths, legends and fantasy, ultimately realized as large scale screen printed and vividly colored posters. Beckett plans his pieces meticulously, before letting the organic alchemy of plan VS moment create striking journeys, which have been used by the likes of Metallica, Black Sabbath, Grateful Dead, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails.


David V. D’Andrea is a freelance illustrator and printmaker, an aesthetic explorer with roots firmly planted in underground culture. David’s illustrations seethe with sinuous line work and intentional rough edges. Expert draftsmanship and a raw detailed grittiness are combined to create an organic pen and ink style that is seductive, engaging, and meticulously crafted.

Analog printing methods are employed to create posters and fine art prints sought after by fans and collectors worldwide. Notable clients include Converse, Juxtapoz and bands such as OM and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.


Douwe Dijkstra is an illustrator and printmaker. He makes silkscreen gig posters for Vera Club in Groningen. Douwe is also part of the illustration collective Knetterijs, a group of friends brought together at the Art Academy Minerva, who share a studio together where they divide their time between freelance projects and collective endeavors. Together they make once in a while a collective zine in which they experiment on telling stories in different ways. Douwe has a variety of clients, but loves to work for everything music-related. He is very honored to be the main artist for the Roadburn Festival 2020.


Official artist of Roadburn 2019, and long time collaborator Maarten Donders is on a constant quest to create powerful, expressive images that are recognizable and breathe personality. His artwork is known for it’s surreal, heady, dreamlike but natural qualities.

His drawing style has an organic flow and ranges from detailed to more expressive drawings, with a sensibility for art nouveau, psychedelic art and the subconscious. Maarten has collaborated with many a heady band and artist, including Chelsea Wolfe, Sturgill Simpson, Graveyard, Danko Jones, Domo, Brutus, Kikagaku Moyo and many more.


Fortifem is the creative communion between Jesse Daubertes & Adrien Havet. Based in Paris, both previously working as graphic designers, they decided to join their skills under a common name in 2012. Focusing on illustration, mostly on paper and working with four hands, from this union emerged a style midway between striking tattoo drawings and detailed ancient engravings.

In 2019 Førtifem has been commissioned for the Red Bull Music Festival a three parts show, involving the initial performance of the Regarde les Hommes Tomber & Hangman’s Chair’s collaborative set, alongside Alcest & Perturbator, and Nostromo & Dehn Sora.

They’ve been collaborating with bands as Emperor, Alcest, Carpenter Brut, Rammstein, Perturbator, Amenra, Ulver, Opeth, and many more.


Marald van Haasteren is a fine artist based in Leiden, Netherlands. His approach is bold yet masterfully delicate, often times exploring ideas of elegance and beauty in nature. Marald has created work for a number of aggressive bands including Ghost, Bolt Thrower, High on Fire, Kvelertak, Kylesa, Deafheaven, Wolfbrigade, and more. Recently he has worked on incredible visual collaborations with John Dyer Baizley for the Baroness albums Purple and Gold & Grey.


Jondix, born in Barcelona in the 70’s, is influenced by his architecture studies and by Spanish artists like Dali, Zush, Ponç, and Tapies. He started to tattoo professionally 20 years ago and now owns Seven Doors Tattoo in London. In that time he developed a unique style of illustration and art. Very eclectic, Jondix achieves many different forms of graphic creations including artwork for rock bands like Electric Wizard, Grand Magus, Triptykon, Scott Kelly, Yob, and Saint Vitus. He has also published a few books on the art of tattooing, mystic and oriental symbols, jewelry, and recently his personal abstract-surreal work.


Burlesque of North America is an award-winning design and screenprinting studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since 2003, the team at Burlesque has completed numerous collaborative print projects with visual artists such as Jacob Bannon, John Baizley, Marald van Haasteren, Becky Cloonan, and Richey Beckett, plus musical acts such as Converge, Mastodon, Baroness, and Kvelertak.

Since 2017, Burlesque has reached out to their international network of artists and extended family to bring together the finest print artists from the world of heavy music to help make FULL BLEED a truly one-of-a-kind event.

Opening times for Full Bleed are as follows:
Thursday, April 16Saturday, April 18: 13:0019:00
Sunday, April 19: 13:0018:00

Roadburn Camping back to its former location!

February 11, 2020

After two years with the Roadburn campsite elsewhere, Roadburn camping will return to its original location in 2020! On the spot where the camping was two years ago, Tilburg has created a beautiful park: the Spoorpark. By popular request, Stadscamping Tilburg have managed to organise a campsite on this fantastic location and it’s perfect for Roadburners.

Since the last time Stadscamping Tilburg hosted the camping in this spot, a lot of things have changed. No more threadbare grass fields – guests will now arrive in a beautifully laid out park which looks completely different to the last time camping was hosted there. Some things haven’t change, though. The guests will get the same reliable service as always. In cooperation with the T-Huis, the newly opened restaurant in the Spoorpark, we will attend to all your needs: a hearty breakfast, great coffee and a collection of craft beers – there will be hot showers, clean toilets, cold drinking water, and free phone charging for every camper, too! Next to the restaurant there’s a 35 meters high watchtower: the Kempentoren. On this tower you have a beautiful view on the camping as well as the city.

Kiss & Ride and parking
Unfortunately, there is only limited parking space in the immediate vicinity. To not disturb the local residents living around the park, we have arranged paid and guarded parking spaces somewhere else in the city (Het Laar), just a 5 minute car ride. On the Kiss & Ride near the campground you can unload your stuff and then you can bring your car to this location. From Het Laar there will be shuttle buses that will bring you back to the camping. Are you visiting on your own? You can leave your luggage with us while you take care of your car and we’ll make sure your stuff is safe with us. A parking space costs €12,50 including shuttle bus and 24/7 security.

City Center
The Spoorpark lies a 10 minute walk from Tilburg central station. Close to the campsite are several shops, including the AH XL, a massive supermarket. The Koepelhal and 013 are approx. a 15 minute walk. Would you rather cycle (this IS The Netherlands)? You can rent a bike at the campsite and you reach the festival site in just a few minutes.

In the Stadscamping Tilburg webshop you can get parking tickets, lockers, electricity (campers only!) and reserve a bicycle in advance.

Stadscamping Tilburg will do everything to make your stay in Tilburg as pleasant as possible. We’re looking forward to seeing you in April.

Essential Sounds: 07.02.20

The only downside that I can think of, to handing over a playlist to a guest editor for the week, is that we then have an extra week’s worth of tunes to catch up on when we come to doing the next playlist ourselves. It’s barely a hardship though when there are so many new releases rolling our way every few days! If anything, the hardship is whittling it down into something the right size.

The HEALTH guest playlist is archived on our Spotify account, and we’ve cleared the path to a new week’s worth of songs. So without further ado… dive in.

If you want to search out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Saudade – Lions (Sargent House)

envy – Dawn and Gaze (Pelagic)

Fool’s Ghost – Touch (Prosthetic Records)

Sylvaine – No More Solitude (Prophecy Productions)

Uniform – Awakening (Sacred Bones)

Bestial Mouths – Within (Rune & Ruin)

Intronaut – Pangloss (Metal Blade)

Telepathy – Pariah (Svart)

WuW – Assiége Par Les Cris Du Sursis (Prosthetic Records)

Obsidian Tongue – Poison Green Dream (Bindrune Recordings)

Panopticon – Rune’s Heart (Bindrune Recordings)

Essential Sounds: 31.01.20 - HEALTH guest playlist curator

Set to perform at Roadburn 2020 as part of curator James Kent‘s selection of bands, HEALTH are a shock to the system in all the right ways. Your humble scribe – that’s me – has happy memories of watching HEALTH at All Tomorrow’s Parties back in 2009. What this means is that a. I am showing my age, and b. HEALTH have been teaching me to add more dog to everything I do for over ten years now.

As our guest playlist editors they have chosen a selection of songs that embody various different flavours of dog.

Get stuck in…

Becky Laverty

Pantera – A New Level

Power Trip – Firing Squad

Converge – Hellbound

Ex Models – Pink Noise

Daughters – Long Road, No Turns

Nine Inch Nails – Somewhat Damaged

Wolf Eyes – Stabbed In The Face

Gatekeeper – Chains

Ritualz – Goth Bb

City Morgue, ZillaKami, SosMula – 33rd Blakk Glass

The Body – Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain

Humanity’s Last Breath – Abyssal Mouth

The Haxan Cloak – Consumed

Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch – Sea Wall

Black Sabbath – Into The Void

Essential Sounds: 24.01.20

January 24, 2020

Every week that there’s new music for us to devour is a good week. But there’s an extra jolt of excitement when we get to hear new music from artists on the Roadburn line up. This week’s playlist includes just that – with Dool, Hilary Woods, Of Blood and Mercury, Midwife, Jonah Parzen-Johnson and FACS all putting new music out into the world recently.

If you want to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Of Blood and MercuryStrangers (Consouling Sounds)

DoolSulphur & Starlight (Prophecy Productions)

EhlderÄndlös – (Nordvis)

Alcest, Ben ChisholmProtection (Nuclear Blast)

EnvyA Faint New World (Pelagic Records)

The Dead CvltAll Hope Is Lost (PRSPCT Recordings)

De AmbassadeZo Hoog Als De Bogen (Knekelhuis)

FACSTeenage Hive (Trouble In Mind Records)

MidwifeAnyone Can Play Guitar (The Flenser)

Hilary WoodsTongues of Wild Boar (Sacred Bones Records)

LankumKatie Cruel (Rough Trade Records)

Jonah Parzen-JohnsonStand Still (We Jazz)

Golden IvyKläppen II (Malmö Inre)

The MenChilderen All Over The World (Sacred Bones Records)

SQÜRLRobby’s Theme (Sacred Bones Records)

Gentle StrangerObvious As Snow (PRAH Recordings)

Mythic SunshipWay Ahead (El Paraiso)

SplinterBitter Sounds (Self Release)

VNPF Award for best Dutch festial

January 18, 2020

Tonight we were awarded the VNPF Best Festival award! An award voted on by our peers – to get this recognition from people that we respect and admire is such an incredible feeling.

A huge thanks to everybody who helps to make Roadburn what it is; we couldn’t do it without you.

Pics: Nathan Reinds

Essential Sounds: 17.01.20

Once again it’s been a busy week here at Roadburn HQ as we made another announcement on Tuesday. We’re nearing the end of announcements now, but there’s one or two gems still to come – stand by for those in a few weeks.  For now, we have another playlist for you with some new tunes that we’ve been listening to over the past seven days or so. There’s plenty to dig into!

Perhaps you’ll enjoy a flashback to Myrkur’s Folksange set thanks to her new track, Ella, or you’ll be hyped up in anticipation for shows from Mamaleek, Algiers or Jeromes Dream. Either way, we hope you find something to enjoy!

If you want to seek out these tracks elsewhere, here’s the info you’ll need:

Myrkur – Ella (Relapse)

Sylvaine – No More Solitude (Prophecy Productions)

Jeromes Dream – Commonly, The Other Head with Both Hands (Microspy)

Igorrr – Very Noise (Metal Blade)

Algiers – There Is No Year (Matador)

Kim Gordon – Cookie Butter (Matador)

U.S Girls – Overtime (4AD)

Holy Fawn – Candy (Triple Crown)

Mamaleek – Eating Unblessed Meat (The Flenser)

Huntsmen – Ride Out (Prosthetic)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer (Rocket Recordings)

Garganjua – Mire (Holy Roar)